How much does SEO cost?

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Digital Marketing

How much will SEO cost?

Giving a quick answer to this question is not easy to pin down.

Search Engine Optimization principles and toolkit are relatively similar for most projects. However, consideration is given to a large number of variables when constructing a plan and budget.

Real costs and possible ROI of an SEO project at the start are always difficult to judge and it’s not always as straightforward to quantify in certain respects because many marketing practices will impact organic search traffic.

Investing on Search Engine Optimization for your website is also directly related to future bonuses.

Ranking nationally for a high search volume keyword can be as much as $50 per click in AdWords. It is quite evident that they require much more costs than ranking for a locally driven keyword.

But even at the local level, there can be tremendous variation and whether you want to rank in a borough or village in a state, district, city, town or micro-area. 

Firstly you have to understand the dynamics of the marketplace that influence the performance and price of SEOs.

  • How competitive is the sector?
  • How profitable are those places that you serve?

For example, an SEO tune-up website for a dentist in a small suburban town could elevate the site to the top of the local rankings, whereas the same tune-up for a similar practice in a major metropolis could only marginally boost rankings.

Also, the importance of improving rankings will differ significantly from business to business and the amount of traffic available in a given market.

In certain local companies, appearing on Google’s first page results leads to a dramatic spike in leads and sales, while others just make a small difference.

Next comes considering the starting place of the complete digital presence of an organization.



And the list continues..

If you are a local company, a small business, a multinational business, or even a foreign business, this guide can help you decide what your organic search investment will look like.

  • Prices for SEOs: What dictates the cost?
  • Place. Where are you, right now?
  • Targets. Where do you want yourself to be?
  • Timeline. How quickly do you wish to improve?

Only by looking at the above elements can any organization determine how much SEO for your company will cost.





The overall aspects primarily look at SEO’s monthly expenses, assuming there is already a well-optimized website in operation. If this is not the case, you may need to weigh the expense of creating a website that is SEO friendly. The key points are:

  • Your website is your online den and the center of your SEO efforts.
  • A well-optimized website platform provides excellent usability for mobile users.
  • It may be a huge investment, but a website not designed with search in mind and satisfied users is a wooden leg of SEO.


Pricing based on a project is by far the most common model to determine the cost of SEO.

  • The majority of the organizations that were surveyed said it was their most widely used scheme with projects falling under four price ranges – $1,001-$1,500, $1,501-$2,500, $2501-$5,000, and $5,001-$7,500, respectively.
  • Monthly retainer pricing models, the monthly rate, in particular, differ widely from agency to agency. The two most popular ones were $251-$500 per month and $2,501-$5,000 per month.
  • Many companies have project-based, retainer-based, and hourly-based pricing structures to suit clients’ varied needs and budgets.
  • In a dynamic marketplace the companies tend to be very eager to change their processes to retain the customers.


Finally, what counts at the end of the day is the return on investment (ROI). When a lead costs you $20 from paid search, $15 from social ads, or $5 from organic search, then organic is a highly desirable platform offering the highest overall investment return. It’s not always easy to calculate these variables but it’s important to consider what the return on all the digital marketing efforts is.

  • SEO and organic search continue to generate the highest overall ROI for the many customers we represent.
  • What is real is looking at brand recognition, interaction, and the broad range of transitions from lead generation to sales.

So, what is it you will pay for? Where do you measure SEO’s value? The only true answer to this question lies in your current circumstance and business. To some degree, all the rates are contextual and the scale of your business and future income will determine what you need to pay to be in the running. An effective SEO strategy includes evaluating several factors and finding a course forwards within the budget of the company. Expect more competition if the profits are rising. It’s important to remember that progress can be made at almost any price point, with the right approach. To explore more drop us a note at contactus@kloudportal.com.

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