Mobi Learn

Mobileran is a DIY forum that fulfills the needs of a trainer. Mobilearn through only a few clicks and a minimal setup helps students to launch and submit their study program.It helps the students who missed out on big sessions . Mobilearn aids the students by sending them notes and walking them by with only a few clicks, the application MobiLearn lets you do all of these things.


  • Launch your own course for your students and let the app give it a voice-over
  • Host unlimited number of chapters or course material
  • Host unlimited number of chapters or course material
  • Assess your student’s understanding by hosting a questionnaire at the end of each chapter.
  • Time based assessments
  • End of exam reports on performance


  • Select the pace of voice-over (very slow/slow/medium/fast)
  • Move conveniently among the chapters.
  • Re-listen to a previous chapter/lesson.
  • Custom implementations for few of our customers
  • New equipment manual for skilled workers and employees in mid-sized manufacturing companies.
  • Self-paced courses for students in educational institutions.


  • Mobilearn is a server-less cloud based app.
  • Mobilearn provides the users with flexibility to update the content through a simple spreadsheet hosted on cloud.
  • It is a low-cost learning management system available to your users on their mobile devices.
  • Its cloud sync ability allows users to continue training with updated content as and when available.
  • Makes learning for your students self-paced and on the go!
  • Launch department-wise training and track them efficiently with Mobilearn.
  • Managers can track the completion of course by each employee.
  • Mobilearn allows you to launch any kind of trainings for your employees right from – standards of safety, equipment training, human resource training etc.,
  • Uploading any number of training modules and quizzes on cloud
    Publishing the modules through push notifications on the installed mobile apps.


  • Industrial training learning management system
  • Mandatory trainings in BFSI, FinTech,
  • healthcare companies
  • Training institutes or coaching centers
  • Schools and colleges

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