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Do you know, as per a study conducted by American Express, 90% of the customers consider Customer Service as an important factor to make an online purchase. After-sales service and customer service is a very important deciding factor to increase your brand image and sales.

Our customer service package includes understanding your business, create e-mail templates to address your customer’s queries, engage them on social media and handling social media queries.

KloudPortal's Customer Service team can help you to improve your brand image.

What is customer service?

Many business owners focus on making a sale online and are least bothered after putting the order into the logistics system. Customers go through anxiety and expect a human to answer their queries or concerns. And if these questions are left unaddressed, there is a chance that the customers lose trust in the brand. It is very essential to answer customer queries immediately.

How Customer Service has evolved in the last decade?

Till a decade ago, Business Process Outsourcing was a booming industry that mostly handled Customer Service questions and queries. In the last five years, automation in customer service industry has gained traction. However, a human touch to customer service experience could not be replaced with automation.

How social media has influenced customer service processes?

A few years ago, customers were waiting for the customer service emails to be answered. The SLAs used to be 2-3 working days. However, with social media, availability of businesses in all the social media channels, it has become very essential to have the customer service teams to handle customer’s queries immediately. The SLA’s have come down to less than 24 hours.

Change in customer behaviour:

Customer behaviour has drastically changed during the last 5-10 years. Now the attention span, the waiting period has reduced drastically. Customers demand immediate answers. Our latest experience has found that customers have to be nudged even after making a sale, as they are likely to cancel the orders, if their queries are left unaddressed. This reduces the trust, relationship and future cross-selling opportunities. KloudPortal’s expert customer service team plays a vital role in managing many ecommerce after-sales customer services as well.

Why you should outsource customer’s social media engagements to a trusted third party?

Social Media engagement has become very critical in the technology era. Our internal analysis and case study shows that customers search with a product name on Google. Search for the reviews on various social media channels before making a buying decision. The most important part of customer’s research includes reviews, ratings about products and services.

If you have close to 100 sales a day, on an average you can expect 10 % of social media enquiries coming through on Facebook and Instagram. Imagine the number of queries coming in if your sales grows by 10 times. It is quite overwhelming for any business owner to start answering all the queries. Hence hiring a trusted third party for social media customer service engagement becomes very essential.


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