Frequently Asked Questions

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What is KloudPortal?

KloudPortal is a platform that delivers your product based on your needs. Register with us and we send you the product with a

payment gateway setup, user reachability and many more. We host the product, you can customize it according to your needs and start reaching out to your customers. Get your business running in no time with the help of our support team.

Can I use my own domain name?

Based on the details you provide during the product purchase we would deliver the product which would be hosted as yourdomain/

What do I Get in product package?

You get a demo website with Instructions on how to Customize. The website package includes

  • website that supports secure payment gateways – PayPal and CC Avenue,
  • e-mail, chat, SMS services.
  • Admin Panel for your Business Needs.
  • Manage your Subscriptions
  • Customer Database setup (If you have opted for)
What Payment Gateways do you support in the product package?

Paypal Payment Gateway setup and CC Avenue Payment Gateway setup would be delivered to you along with the product/ You can configure one or both according to your needs.

I Already have Website, How can buy your product and add it into my Website?

Don’t worry! You can download FALCON and host it with your domain name. The product is easily Integratable and configurable.

How can I serve my International Customers with FALCON?

FALCON can help you serve your International Customers too! Just let us know your customer’s geographical location and we can help you with a custom solution.

Is FALCON Compatible to Other International Market like NYSE, Shanghai Stock Exchange etc.,?

FALCON product has been designed to help stock tip providers irrespective of geography. Let us know your custom requirements to suit your markets and we will deliver your FALCON.

Is your Product Compatible to any version of WordPress?

Currently our Product supports WordPress 3.7.x.

When should I update my product?

We would communicate you via e-mail on your product update and our support team would

assist you in the process.

When can I get my product in e-mail?

You will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your payment.

You would receive your product in next couple of days after the payment.

I am not satisfied with your product, how can I get my money back?

If you are not satisfied with our Business Owner’s Kit for a Product, just submit a feedback form with a

request for money back. We will refund your entire subscription amount! Make sure to submit the

feedback within 30days of your payment.

When should I submit the money back request?

You must submit the money back request within 30days of your Subscription payment date.

Eg.,If your payment was made on 1/11/2014 then you can submit the request for your money back before 1/12/2014.

If I am not satisfied with your Custom built solution, can I still get my money back?

For custom built solutions our experts would be with you to reach out to your needs.

Unfortunately we do not honor refund requests for Custom Solutions.

I already have an account with a hosting service provider. Do you deploy it ?

If you already have a hosting account, our experts can help you with hosting steps. If you customize the product,

support team will help on the relavent areas of the product only

How often do I have to renew my Subscription plan?

Your subscription plan is valid for 1 year from the date of your payment. We will send you a reminder well in advance

before your subscription expires and subscription payment is automatic


What if I did not receive my product URL in 2 working days?

At KloudPortal we work consistently towards reaching our targets. In case you did not receive your product within the

said time, please contact us. We would handle your query as priority.

When does my subscription expire?

Your Subscription expires after one-year from the payment date.

How do I subscribe for your Product?

Click on the cart on the right hand corner > Choose the Product> Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout.

How do I renew my subscription?

Subscription is auto renewal by default.

Do I have to signup to purchase your product?

At KloudPortal we request our customers to register with us to make a purchase. This helps us serve our customers


How do I Cancel my subscription?

You can send email to and we take care of it. We don’t ask too many questions &


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