Eazekart can scan barcodes as well as QR codes for your products. You can make an offline store available at any of your nearest public transport systems and allow users to scan the product barcodes and place an order. EazeKart is completely integrable to any of the online stores like Magento/Shopify and helps you by mobilizing offline orders.


  • Barcode/QRCode scanner
  • Integration with Magento/Woo-Commerce
  • Easy Catalogue Integration for your store’s products
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Apply discounts to the products


  • Retails Stores that want to get rid of a POS Terminal
  • Clothing stores POS
  • Toy stores POS
  • Coffee Store POS
  • Queueless Billing systems.
  • Chain Stores and Restaurants.


  • EazeKart is a retail shopping app platform for Business Owners and Consumers.
  • It can be used for anything from retail stores to clothing stores to restaurants to coffee shops!

For a Business Owner:

  • It’s a complete package from reaching your customers, understanding their preferences and helping them with a queue-less billing experience right in your store!

For a Consumer:

  • It’s the best way to save time from standing in long queues to get your items billed at the Point Of Sale (POS). It’s a Self-checkout Mobile POS.
  • Ability to cross-sell and upsell your products and services through SMS and Email Campaigns

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