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Write an article or blog or social media post that attracts your customers.

You understand your target market. You understand the value around it. But don’t know how to write an article or a blog?

With our content writing team, you don’t have to worry at all. We take care of all your content writing needs. We understand your products and services. Our expert content writers design the content in a way that can keep your audience engagement through the articles and drive traffic to your website.

Content Writing Styles that we typically suggest and follow depends on the type of product or service you wish to market. We suggest delivering content in the first person, where our content talks like an influencer to a customer

What do we offer?

Designing Content Titles: At, we understand your products and services. We design your content titles to ensure the target audience questions are addressed.

Keyword Volume: Our content writing experts closely work with SEO specialists to identify the keywords. They ensure that the articles are meticulously written with proper keywords and their volume in the article.

Content Writing Style: Our content writing team suggests writing content in first, second, and third persons addressing all types of audience. Based on the content title, we apply the style.

Difference between blog & article

In our vast experience as providers of content writing services in the last six years, we have observed that many business owners seem to be quite confused between a blog and an article. In content writing, a blog is considered significantly different from an article, with both targeting a different audience. If you are the one to whom both seem to look the same, then don’t worry! We’ll tell you the difference!

A blog and an article are very different from each other.

Blogs are typically short content written to explain the value your product or service brings to the marketplace. Blogs are typically what we call “I am existing”, “I am important”, “I am offering” kind of content. It mostly talks about your product or service. Blogs are either placed on your website or your reseller’s website or your distributor’s website to drive more traffic and engage people on your products and services. A blog can be limited to 700-800 words.

Articles, on the other hand, are descriptive and long. They address your competitors, either directly or indirectly, and ensure to drive traffic to your website. Articles are typically posted on third party websites like,, etc., Whenever you see any content with titles like – “Top 5 digital marketing companies in India” “Top 10 best CRMs in the market”, “Top 5 World Destinations you must visit before you die” are examples of articles. A content writer takes a minimum of 2000 words to write an article.


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