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Our Products

Our products are designed with innovation and technology. We aim to provide enterprise solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.


An affordable SaaS-based CRM platform which has been built to accommodate the clients from Small and Medium Businesses.

Mobi Quiz

Mobi quiz platform allows you to create, update and host your own quiz without any coding experience. Our custom solutions can cater to the needs of educational institutions, medical, psychological evaluations.

Eazekart POS Software

Designed to solve the problem of a customer standing in a queue, to take off a shop owner’s cost on POS installation, EazeKart has been envisioned to be a convenient solution in retail space.

Mobi Learn

A DIY platform for your student’s needs. It allows you to launch and apply your study program with just a few clicks and minimum setup. Obtain a new definition to training.

Customer Engagement Pro

Engage your eCommerce customers in a healthy way. Drive traffic to your e-commerce website and increase sales with our Customer Engagement Platform.


IOT Platform

Defined as The Next Big Thing in the Information Revolution. Connecting the devices, reading data from the connected devices or systems and processing the data is a herculean task.

Fast File Hub

Now manage your Projects, Files, Folder and Users using our product “Fast File Hub” (FFH). We provide exemplary features in the centralized document repository.

Ninja Theme

Ninja Panel is a platform to ease the mobile application building for new users. It offers material design components for its users to use them quickly and build their mobile apps.

Convert GSTR2A to Excel file

Secure way of converting GSTR2A to Excel file in a matter of seconds. Follow 3 simple steps and you are done. Reduce human errors and Increase Productivity

Our Services

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Digital Marketing

In the current digital world people look at internet more than the neighborhood. If you want your business to flourish, online advertising and social media marketing is compulsory.

Content Optimization

We can optimize your web page and its content to become more attractive, useful and actionable to users. Thus helps to rank better on search engines.

App Development

With more than 4 years of vast experience and well versed team of developers, we can design and build apps in the multiple devices.

Web Designing

To get visibility in the cyberspace, it is imperative to have well designed website. We can help you improve the over-all visibility and obtain better ranking in the search engine.

Web Development

We can convert your ideas to apps. Through our dedicated team of developers and by implementing development frameworks we will provide a solution that will be sustainable even in the long term.

Magento Services

Our Magento Certified Developers can help you build your online store right from scratch. If you already own a Magento/e-commerce store, we can help you scaling up to the market needs.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance solution provides updating and operating your website. Time to time maintenance with the most current information imparts the factor of trust in your visitors.

Business Intelligence

We help the Businesses with Data Analytics, Data Integration, Data Reporting and Data Visualization. Our expert team works with the clients to understand their needs and focus on helping them with channelization of data.

Hosting Services

Through our hosting services give your website the reliable and high-performance platform. Get the most economical services within your budget.


About KloudPortal

KloudPortal is a place where Idea meets Technology to channelize Innovation towards Implementation.

We boast of all our products that have followed this path and have been successfully serving our global customers for the past three years.

Our vision is to foray into much deeper use cases and bring the technology to B2B and B2C Businesses through our Mobile Applications and SaaS products.

KloudPortal is passionate to bridge the gap between Technology and Businesses. Besides bringing innovation and technology, we provide Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Tableau and Technology support to all our customers and partners.

In the next few years, KloudPortal is looking to venture into much niche areas of Medical Innovation and cater to the needs of Medical Practitioners.

It is a Lean company that has a strategic vision on the road ahead.

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Our clients have always been our first preference. We believe in Customer satisfaction as not just a key to business success but it helps to increase our team’s morale. Our assurance has brought in more customer time in and again. We trust and respect our clients so do they.

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Answers to Your Questions

What type of companies do you work with??

We work for both B2B or B2C Businesses. We help IT-related ideas turn into reality. We are open for customization. As a digital marketing company, we serve all business who wish to reach the digital world.

How long does it take to rank a website through SEO?

Depending on the marketing plan chosen, it takes up to 2-3 months to observe a noticeable difference. However, the timelines may vary based on the type of business and campaign goals etc.

How long does web design project take?

Every project is different in its own way. We shall discuss with you in detail how long it takes for each assignment and will provide you with the timeline accordingly.



Is there a minimum starting price/budget?

It depends on the chosen service/product, few of our products and services are priced as per the package selected. However, in most cases, we evaluate the project idea based on goals, needs and ability and advice a budget accordingly.

Will OPAL CRM fit in my Business?

OPAL CRM is designed in such a way that it can be easily incorporated into any business who deal with customer data day in, day out. We also customize the application to suit your workflow.

Our Testimonials

What do our satisfied customers have to say!

I have bought MobiQuiz App so long time ago and I used for my self for a special Quiz Project and its very simple and understandable.

Sunil Khanderao

I contacted them for custom work on mobile app projects. In the last years, I used different Indian companies, but KloudPortal stands out. 


The kloudportal team is an amazing team, helpful, kind and fast response for any request. I deal with them by one of their software, they didn’t hesitate to help me 
Mike Sheldon

Our Blog

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