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KloudPortal is a leading digital marketing and sales company empowering businesses. Serving the entire business community—corporate healthcare, independent healthcare professionals, federations, corporations, education institutions, and individual change agents—KloudPortal connects and empowers organizations to increase their reach.  By adopting scientific market analysis techniques, understanding psychographic and demographics of target audience, Kloudportal has helped many organizations reach their target markets.

KloudPortal’s portfolio is tailored to the unique needs of vertical markets. Delivering tailor made marketing solutions for individuals and corporates, KloudPortal’s portfolio includes diverse domains like healthcare, education, wealth management, restaurant franchises,  federations, manufacturers etc., Serving the industry for more than half decade, KloudPortal is headquartered in Hyderabad, India and has diverse client spread in the US, Australia, Switzerland, Tanzania, UAE, Nigeria and Fiji.

Digital Marketing is not an art ! It is a science !


To help digital transformation of 100,000 businesses and help them adapt to digital marketing and sales strategies by 2030.


Reach 10,000 small business and help them adopt digital marketing and sales strategies in their business by 2025.

Why Choose Us?

For the past seven years, KloudPortal has evolved in serving its clients. With each passing day, we added value to our client’s business. We have learnt and un-learnt few practices. We are a confident group of individuals who never stop learning and improving.

Our biggest strength is commitment and our weakness is perfection. Yet, we try to evolve with each passing day and never compromise of the quality of work we deliver.

Clients like us, because we commit to what we say.


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We are responsible to our colleagues who work tirelessly across the world. We must provide a broad work environment where every member of the organization is recognized as an individual. We must respect their distinctiveness and standing and appreciate their merit. Their professions must provide them with a sense of stability, contentment, and purpose. Working conditions must be organized, and safe, and compensation must be fair and reasonable. We must promote our employees’ health and well-being, as well as assist them in fulfilling their family and other personal obligations. Employees must feel comfortable to give suggestions or complaints. We must promote equal employment opportunity, development and advancement for those well deserved. We must groom leadership qualities and provide highly capable leaders for our workforce. We must ensure our leader’s actions are ethical and just.

We believe our equal responsibility is to our clients, entrepreneurs and business owners, whom we serve with our products and services. In meeting their objectives, everything we do must be of high standards and high quality. We must constantly strive to provide value and maintain reasonable prices. Our client’s requests must be serviced promptly and accurately. Our vendors and business partners must have an opportunity to make a fair profit.

We must be responsible to the country, community where we live and work. Our responsibility lies in helping people around us be healthy. We must be good citizens of the country where we live in – support good works, charities, health, education and be responsible taxpayers. We must be responsible for protecting our environment, sustainability goals and natural resources. Any property we are privileged to use, we must maintain in order.

We must be responsible for our stockholders. A business must endure profits to display it’s consistent growth, responsibility towards its employees. We must encourage research, experimentation and support new ideas. Innovations must be supported from ideation to execution. Whenever required or deemed necessary, the teams should be equipped with new tools and techniques to reach their work objectives, support research and innovation.  Contingencies must be created to address any unforeseen circumstances in future. The stockholders should realize a fair return when operating in accordance with these principles.


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