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Search Engine Optimization is all about building trust with search engines. We all know that we have to get SEO done to have our website visible on the Google search results. But do you know google returns more than a million results in less than a second. For Example: If a user searches with “Digital Marketing” Google search returns 2.86 million records in 0.71 seconds.

KloudPortal is the best SEO agency in India. Our strategic SEO techniques have helped many doctors grow their reach and target customers. Our strength is to understand your company’s vision, mission and goals. We design customized SEO Strategy in line with your business. We believe that every business is unique. Our objective is to be your marketing vehicle to help you reach your company’s goals and objectives.

The results returned depend on several factors like location of keywords, number of pages that link to the website and the duration of the existence of the web pages. Sometimes localization of search results is also possible based on location based algorithms. Hence you may not see the same search results for US and India for example.

While you may know all these things, you may still be wondering why Google ranks only few websites and how that PageRanking is done. Google constantly updates its web crawlers. These web crawlers index the web pages. These influence the page ranking when it comes to search results. 

Google updates their algorithms very frequently to address new search keywords and new search behaviour. Hence you need a strategist who understands how to position your website in the marketplace. 

Our Strategic SEO:

You know the concepts of Page Ranking, Indexing and Crawling. But you are confused how they can be applied for your business? Don’t worry! Our strategic SEO package helps businesses achieve their marketing goals and drive traffic.

How to stay on the first page of Google search results?

Results show that businesses that return on the 1st page of Google in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are likely to receive 96%of the traffic, leaving 4% of the chances to other pages. Hence it is very important to stay on the first page of google to reap the maximum benefits.

Curate your keywords regularly:

Search terms on google keep changing and keep evolving. People search keywords vary/change every 6 months. Hence it is essential to keep a track of your meta keywords.

Build trust:

Build trust on your website through regular, consistent and result-oriented off page submissions. Off-page submissions rely on a few parameters like the age of the page, domain authority score etc., Not every website/webpage becomes eligible for off page submission.

Page Loading Time:

With the attention span of individuals coming down everyday, it is highly likely that your website traffic will bounce back if you have high page loading time. Google recommends an optimum page loading time of less than 3 seconds.



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