A mobiquiz platform helps to build, update, and host your own quiz. No coding experience is required. Mobiquiz through an excel spreadsheet provides the user with changing their questions and answers on open cloud Mobiquiz allows the customers to start their application with the minimum effort in coding.


  • Server less quiz driven by a simple spreadsheet hosted on cloud.
  • Launch unlimited number of quizzes
  • Unlimited levels
  • Quiz type: simple yes/no to complex multiple choice questions
  • Randomize the questions
  • Show images in your answers
  • Show videos in your answers
  • Time based assessments
  • End of exam reports on performance


  • Mandatory trainings in BFSI, FinTech,
  • Healthcare companies
  • Training institutes or coaching centers
  • Schools and colleges
  • General knowledge quizzes
  • Quiz contests to engage the audience.


  • Mobiquiz provides fun quizzes and healthy user interaction
  • It assists in evaluating the employees and students and gives better efficiency
  • It has the ability to test the knowledge of the users.
  • It aids in providing diagnosis for the patients.
  • Mobiquiz helps in conducting the surveys.
  • It gives answers to the users by using the image options.
  • Mobiquiz conducts many aptitude tests and helps in enhancing the skills and knowledge of the user.

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