Link Building – The Core Technique In Search Engine Optimization

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Searching Engine Optimization has been fascinating us for a long time. There are an estimated 1.78 billion websites on the internet. Helping the google bots crawl and index these websites and the trillions and trillions of web pages on these websites is so fun and enticing.

There are more than thirty SEO techniques that are followed when it comes to search engine optimization. These techniques when followed can achieve ranking results. However, the duration in which a website can be ranked on Google certainly depends on several factors like keyword search volume, keyword ranking, competitor keyword analysis, link building, domain authority, page authority, blogs, articles, etc.,

Many SEO agencies follow a few techniques and finally get lesser results. In fact, some end up getting no results at all. We have worked with many clients thus far, and we have strategically followed our techniques to achieve the results. And we proudly boast about achieving the results which addressed our customer’s pain points like ranking on google search results, digital branding, and digital visibility. Few of our clients are happy with the indirect benefits that they received, which include more walk-ins, more orders, and substantial enquiries they receive on a daily basis.

When it comes to SEO link building there are three major types of links that we come across – Inbound Links (Backlinks – Link Building), Outbound Links, and Internal Links.

Link building has been one of the common techniques we follow for many of our clients. Link building includes – backlink submissions, guest blogging, bookmarking submissions, etc.,
Is there a strategy behind link building? How to achieve better results with link building? How can your link building be more effective?

There are many link building websites that offer you the ability to submit links. But are all these websites correct for you/your business? What are the parameters you should look for when executing link building strategies?

Here are the top SIX tips for you to achieve SEO results through Link Building:

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Business Relevance
  3. Appropriate Anchor Text
  4. Do Follow Vs No Follow
  5. Link Placement
  6. Destination URL

Tips to achieve SEO results through Link Building

Domain Authority

If you are following link building techniques as part of SEO, searching for social bookmarking websites on google is a good way to start with. But choosing the right submission sites is very crucial for the quality of submissions. We suggest you choose a website that has a higher domain authority than your current website.

Business Relevance

As a digital marketer, it is very important to understand our client’s business first. We then go about identifying their needs and expectations, before we start with the strategy of link building. Identifying the websites with higher domain authority and having a business relevance is the key to successful results.

Appropriate Anchor Text

While identifying the right domain and business relevant, putting in the business specific anchor text decides whether the link will get approved or not. Hence, having a good, descriptive content as an anchor text, makes the job of a link approver easy and there are high chances of getting an approved back link.

Do Follow Vs No Follow

Even after submitting in hundreds of websites, we fail to increase the number of backlinks in the Google Search console. And when the numbers don’t go up, then it becomes a worrying part. When the backlinks that were submitted are not approved, there will be an impact on the number of active visits to the website, enquiries, improvement in domain authority, etc., Hence submitting the links in websites that provide a do-follow link, add value to your submissions.

Link Placement

Many off-page specialists work hours and hours submitting their website links during the link building tasks. While they follow all the guidelines, they still don’t see enough referral-generated traffic on Google Analytics. The reason: Link Placement. Link placement is again a strategic placement of the link during submission. Including the link at the end of the anchor text yields minimum results. Placing the link at the beginning of the text doesn’t add value either. However, including a link in the first 2-3 lines of your anchor text does do justice and derives your expectations. Hence, the right link placements play a crucial role in bringing in traffic to your website.

Destination URL:

Destination URL plays a significant role when the traffic is routed through it. Sometimes a link building executive, could simply follow all the above guidelines and finally insert a link that returns a 404 page. This leads to loss of trust and low credibility in the market, Hence, when we submit our content as part of link building activity, we first list down all the active URLs that are relevant to the business. We then submit the relevant content on the website with the appropriate destination URL. Leading to an engaging content on the destination URL reduces the bounce rates and improves the quality of visits.

Benefits of following the above small tips lead to quality lead generation, enquiries from the right prospects, and lead to right engagement models.

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