How Search Engine Optimization works for businesses?

by | Feb 9, 2021 | SEO

Search Engine Optimization has gained considerable attention in the last decade.

Many business owners were perceiving SEO as an optional channel for marketing their products and services. But is that still an option in the post COVID era?

There are close to 1.8 billion websites across the internet. Many businesses have turned towards online presence during the COVID time. Is it just enough to have a website and just leave it there? Do all those businesses generate leads? Definitely not.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of educating the search engines about your website’s presence amongst the billions of websites and web pages.

By being indexed by Search Engine Bots, your business is highly likely to be found by many people online from across the globe.

When people find your website amongst the search engine results, they are highly likely to click and visit your website.

Search Engine is just not limited to Google. It extends to Bing, Yahoo, etc., Hence these processes educate the respective search engine bots about the presence of your business.

SEO is one of the several digital marketing techniques that are used to build a brand presence in the digital space.

There is a misconception in the market that the process of SEO will lead to generating leads for your business. Business owners assume that as soon as the website is ranked on the first page of Google, people will just visit and sign up or fill a form. Yes, that was a case some two decades ago. There were fewer websites and accessing the internet was a privilege. But things have changed now.

We take up digital marketing activities for many clients and here is the trend that we have seen in the last few years:

  • Your Website visitors are looking for more engaging content.
  • Visitors are likely to navigate to your other blogs or pages, only after they see you are presenting valuable content to them.
  • Visitors are likely to subscribe to your website only when they find that you answer their search query every time they reach your website.


  • More website visits, more conversions
  • ViFirst-time website visitors Signup/Subscribe for your websites newsletters
  • All the visitors are going to register/signup.
  • One time SEO is enough to rank your website and it stays on Google’s first page forever.

Top 5 KPIs when you are measuring your website metrics

KPIs In Google Analytics that you cannot ignore

Returning Visitors

  • Not only visitors focus on having more returning visitors. Returning visitors are 40% more likely to convert as your subscribers in his/her 5th or 6th visit (on average).
Returning Users vs New Users Metrics in Google Analytics

Bounce Rate:

  • Check your website bounce rate. Bounce rate indicates your visitors are not finding relevant content.

Session Duration:

  • Session duration indicates how much time your visitors spend on your pages on an average.

Active Users:

  • Number of active users should be high. Active users are defined a those visitors on your website who have navigated through the pages or have done some action on your website.

Audience Overview:

  • Know your Audience. Where they are coming from – Location, What is their Gender, and what is their age group.

How much time does it take to see the SEO results?

Many business owners think that SEO yields immediate results. Hence they hire an agency to get their website SEO done for 3-4 months. They don’t see significant results and hence they stop with SEO services.

Benefits of SEO for businesses

  • Search Engine Optimization when done reguarly, can help you build domain authority for your website.
  • This leads to increased number of visits.
  • SEO will start showing results only when it is supported by good content.
  • SEO builds your brand presence online.
  • Lead generation happens upon consistently delivering value added content.

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