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Why Sales and Marketing Teams need OPAL CRM?

Well organised Sales activities can scale the business to the next level

I would like to say that Sales and Marketing form the pillars of growth for any business. While building a product or service is one part of any business, taking them to the right audience in the market makes the product or service successful. Again, making a product successful is just the beginning, but ensuring that the customers are returning every time is very essential to continue the relationship. Here are a few questions for you to answer.

  • How will you ensure that your customers are always prioritized by sales teams?
  • What happens if your senior sales manager has left your organization?
  • How can you track if your sales teams are able to close the leads? If not, why?
  • How can you track your sales and marketing team while on the go?
  • Would you like if sales representatives are shown an efficient route to cover the leads?
  • Do you get enquiries from your website? Do you daily pass them on to your Sales Teams the next morning?

How can OPAL CRM help you?

All the above questions can be answered with Opal CRM. It has been designed to help sales teams keep track of their customers, prioritize the leads based on hot/warm/cold and allow the sales teams set up their own reminders.

Defining a customer as Hot/Warm/Cold is done automatically.  So now your Sales team know how to prioritize their day’s work.

If any sales or marketing person leaves the organization, it ensures all the leads stay back in the system and don’t go away with your sales person.

Training a new sales person is also really easy. You just have to assign the leads to the new sales person and the complete lead history is available for him to understand in few mins.

As an admin, you can track the sales progress on a day to day basis. You can even download reports and understand the status of your sales targets.

If your sales person is on field, our custom CRM shall allow you to track their route and make sure that their time if efficiently utilized.

Managing your enquiries on your website is also very easy. All your website enquiries are integrated with just a few lines of code. You see all your enquiries falling into the “possible leads” bucket. You just have to assign them to your sales teams.

OPAL CRM is a simple solution for your daily sales needs.

Who needs OPAL CRM?

Any business ranging from a manufacturer of small toys to the manufacturer of aeroplanes needs OPAL CRM. Any business where you have to deal with customers, needs this CRM. Anyone who wants to grow big and establish his business well would use a CRM. And OPAL CRM lets that happen efficiently.


Reaching out to prospective clients, keeping in touch with your existing customers and reaching out to them is now very easy with OPAL CRM.

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