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Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for managing company’s relationship and interactions with existing and potential customers. Success of any business depends on how well the customer relationship is maintained. In the current competitive world bringing in new customers is a challenge. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes of bringing new lead thereby improves profitability.

Retaining a customer is equally important for the success of any business. So it is vital to maintain all customer data throughout his lifecycle. With good record keeping we can bring back the old customers back to our business.


Importance of using CRM application:

With lot of upcoming business Customer Relationship Management software is a must, it manages customer interactions, access business information and keep updated about what is happening in the industry.

Both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies communicate with their customers through various channels like email, phone, mobile apps, social media and marketing materials. It involves lot of manual effort to track and analyse the data. CRM software does it all for you.

Sales and marketing are of the most crucial teams in any organisation. They take the product to right audience thus making the product or service successful.  If the data isn’t organised properly it results in total chaos amongst the sales or marketing agent

CRM software can be used to streamline various functions like marketing, sales, customer service, and support both large and small scale organization.

OPAL CRM marketing software by KloudPortal

KloudPortal is a successful mobile app and SaaS product development company for the past 4 years. We understand the small and large scale companies, need for CRM application. OPAL CRM is the most user friendly, customisable and flexible software.

So be ahead in the industry and effectively manage the leads and convert them into customers through OPAL CRM’s effective CRM marketing software. Here all the activities are done in one window: tracking leads, communication, generation of reports, access to complete customer information.

Opal CRM aids the company to effectively manage the leads. This is how it is done:

  • Captures leads through different channels (Online/Offline)
  • Segregates the leads to Hot/Warm/Cold
  • Classifies  the stage of leads
  • Records all the communication with leads
  • Manage different products and departments

Opal CRM helps the sales team

  • To know their daily tasks
  • Prioritise work on a given day
  • Follow up with leads through reminders
  • Approve and reject leads
  • Calendar view for all the leads and available tasks for the day / Week / Month
  • Know about the activities happening around the industry
  • Aids the sales manager to know the activities of each sales agent

Reports can be generated by click of a button:

  • Product Interest View: List of the Leads who are interested in the products
  • Graphical Report: Leads, who are interested, won, lost
  • Possible Lead Report: List of Leads who are interested from various channels

Work made easy for the sales and marketing team as writing quotations, invoices, generation of reports all done in application. Customers are maintained and easily retained with the data available.


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We use

  • API integration for enterprises
  • Two lines of code integration for website, ecommerce
  • User access management
  • Multilingual support

Access the CRM application from mobile App, get updates about your leads anytime and anywhere using your mobile phone.

Functional features:

  • Self-registration
  • Can be used to manage multiple companies/portfolio. Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Track & add activities of individual Lead
  • Automatic lead addition in CRM with 2 lines of Code Integration
  • Manage Quotations
  • Manage Discounts, Tax
  • Approval Workflow for Quotation
  • Convert Quotation to Invoice
  • Events & Notifications are triggered for allactivities.
  • Recurring subscriptions using paypal button integration.
  • Multilanguage support, upto 94 languages

Technical Features:

  • Restful Endpoints for integrating to Android/iOS applications
  • SMTP options for monetising your requirement
  • Update your application name and Logo
  • Supports integration with Java , objective C, C#, Android, Swift, perl client integration code base
  • Supports any host providers

Good bye to data entry, using excel sheets, manual tracking of data and missing important communication. Adopt our new methodology and get more collaborated, improve communication, increase revenue thus become a better company.Be ahead of the competitors, convert your leads to customers and be in touch them even after the sale, through OPAL CRM.

We at KloudPortal are ready for any customization for optimum satisfaction of our customers.


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