Should You Stop Digital Marketing During COVID-19?

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Blog

As a human, I’m sure you’ve been affected by Coronavirus (also known as novel COVID-19) in some way. Whether that means thinking about aged parents, varying travel plans or stocking up on essentials to work from home for the future, it’s hard to not feel the pressure

As a business owner, you may be taking into consideration fewer clients as people limit social communication, change travel and leisure time tactics and focus on staying healthy rather than on shopping for products and services. Unless you sell toilet paper or hand sanitizer, you may be troubled about the impact of the coronavirus on your small business; your employees, revenue and empty marketing funnel. So does that mean you should hunker down and stop your marketing efforts for the time being? No!

WHO has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, and it’s a very tentative time. Each and every challenge can be met with common sense, balanced thought, and even kindness. This is not the time for irrationality. I know we are living in troubling times. The virus and how the global economy is responding to the preventative actions being placed is something that will go down in the history books.

But as business owners, there is one thing we do still have control over, and that’s the ability to be flexible and make choices that will get us through these times as best possible.

How to Effectively Market Your Small Business during the
Coronavirus Outbreak

No matter what type of small business you have, your main concern should be
clearly communicating with your clients to put them at ease. Think about what your customers need to hear from you, and how you want to spot your business during this crisis.

Here are 3 ways to market your business during the coronavirus crisis:

Reassure everyone that you’re protecting their health.

Be prepared to pivot  You need to be flexible to best serve your clients. That might mean instead of
canceling a client conference, you change it to a virtual event.

Make your employees a priority too. Don’t focus all your efforts on advertising during this time. Your staff is what keeps your small business going, so how can you care for them? Maybe you can give your employees the option of working 100% remotely while COVID-19 is a concern. The more you can put your employees at ease, the better they’ll be able to support your business and your customers.

What Small Business Owners Can Learn from Coronavirus

I know this is hard, and I hope you can hang in there and focus on the present,
and on being of service to your clients and staff.

They’re afraid, and what you do or share can help alleviate those fears. Remember to be
careful and intentional about what you’re saying.

If your small business is being adversely affected by a coronavirus, it’s also a good time to reassess your business fundamentals, including how COVID-19 is affecting your digital marketing. How will you deal with a crisis the next time it happens? Are there things you’d do differently to be more ready or stop losses?

Like everything else in life, this is a learning experience. Stay healthy, safe and positive.

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