Is Content Writing Everything in SEO?

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Content is a key point of SEO.  Content is what gives us information.  It gives us knowledge. Most importantly it captures the readers’ attention.  Hence it is no wonder that content writing services are an integral aspect of search engine optimization, though SEO is also a combination of various other strategies like technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc.

How should content be presented?

Imagine that you switch on your smart TV to watch your favorite live show.  All of a sudden, trouble shoots up. You couldn’t wait for the technician to turn up.  You browse to solve the issue promptly by yourself. Would you like to read a page that has a long theoretical explanation at that moment?  Or would a quick fix video catch your attention? 

Yes.  All you need is a simple quick solution.  That is also how you should present your content:

  • Concise
  • Organized
  • Plain language
  • Direct to the point

This helps your webpage get the top pick on search engines.  Professional content writing services can help your webpage achieve that top spot.

How important is content writing for SEO?

Content writing is one of the main strategies in digital marketing.  Here is why.

It helps customers know about your products and services.

Content writing brings traffic to your site when the words from people’s search queries match with the words present on your web page.  Once they view your page, let your content introduce to your audience what you have got to offer, and how it meets their requirements. 

It reduces the bounce rate of your website.  

By presenting good content, your site can withhold your readers’ attention.  Qualitative content urges them to move on to other pages within your site. If the bounce rate is high, it means the content is not engaging enough.  Lower bounce rate ensures higher readability and vice versa.

It brings in customer reviews that enhance the visibility of your site.

What makes your business more trustworthy than positive customer feedback?  Today, more than 60 percent of consumers read reviews before deciding upon a purchase.  If you optimize the content in a way that invites responses from customers, then you are likely not to miss out on publicizing the positive experiences of your customers.

Effective Content Writing tips for SEO

How content writing can be made effective for SEO?


Usage of right keywords

Identify the basic words that people use when typing a query.  Observe which words they use when searching for services similar to what you offer.  Use the same keywords in your blogs or website content. This helps in search engine optimization of your website.

You can get the right keywords by tools like Google keyword planner, Keyword.io, Ubersuggest, etc.

How to choose a title for my blog?

With so many articles and blogs around, it is quite difficult to find a blog title that is engaging enough to draw the audience to your webpage. But once you identify the right title, ensure that the heading you put is in line with the search query.  For instance, if you have to write a blog on the cost of SEO, then the title “How much does SEO cost?” will have better reach than the title “What are the factors that determine the cost of SEO?”

With apps like Siri, Google Voice Assistant, Alexa and many Voice Assitant apps coming in, Voice SEO is dominant these days.  Voice SEO is dominant these days.  Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that one in five queries on Google is a voice search.  A conversational style of writing is very important to be detected by voice search. “Why should I hire an SEO Agency” is a better title than “Why should you hire an SEO agency”.

Meta Description


We all tend to read blog contents or posts that contain pictures, in preference to posts that contain plain text.  The benefits of images are:

Images make the content brighter, visually appealing and brings a professional look.
Enhances the structuring of the content and makes it more readable. For example, Infographics in your post will not only make your post more readable but also reduces the reading time.
Increases the SEO rankings.  This is because images are the easiest thing to list (by adding titles, tags, and descriptions) therefore they are a must to have in your blog posts at the right places.

Ideal Meta Description

This snippet of text appears in the search engine results under your title.  This enables readers to decide if they want to continue reading. The search engines follow the meta description to detect a site.  This makes the meta description as important as the website content itself. Here are a few tips for making a good meta description.

  • It is recommended to be 160 characters or less in length.
  • Use active voice, and it is must to have a call-to-action
  • It is a must to include researched, targeted keywords.

Make sure it matches the content of the page and is unique.

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