How to Write Effective Content for your Website to Boost Sales?

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Content Marketing

Would you be surprised to know that written content did not lose its importance even in the present age of the internet?  Despite the technological advancements, it is through your words that you convey information, and that is also the reason you are going through this blog!  Content writing is one of the most effective SEO services to drive traffic to your website and boost online sales.

How to create attractive content?

Bring to me a children’s fairy tale book with colorful illustrations, and a plain textbook with hi-fi technical terms.  My choice is the first book with fairy tales.  What makes it attractive is the simple language, clear presentation, and colorful pictures used.  If you present content in a similar fashion on your e-commerce website, would it not draw people’s attention?  It is how professional content writing services draw traffic to your website.

Good content should be:

  • Clear
  • Simple in language
  • Backed by pictures
  • Conversational tone
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How to motivate people to make a purchase through content writing?

Well, a basic description of your products and services will not suffice even if you present it in a simple style as described above.  The ultimate purpose of the content you present is to provide value to the audience.  You can do this in three ways.


  • Guide the customer:

Content writing should be informative, to educate people regarding how to choose a product that is best for them.  For instance, you run a business of electronic gadgets.  A customer who is purchasing an air conditioner for the first time may not be able to decide between a 1 ton and 1.5 ton air conditioner.  You may include a guide box on your website asking to enter the approximate dimensions of the room.  Based on the input received, you may suggest the best air conditioner options from your business.


  • Target the customer’s needs and emotions:

Focus more on the customer’s needs than the features your products offer.  For instance, let us say you run a business of flowers and bouquets.  Special days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. are your peak business days.  You presented an ad like this:

“Here we present a combo offer.  We offer a bouquet of yellow roses with chocolates for your mother with your personalized message on Mother’s Day.”

Instead, how about an ad like this?

“It’s Mother’s Day again! Remind your mother how special she is to you, with this beautiful bunch of yellow roses and a box of chocolates, along with a personalized message that conveys your love.”

I would choose the product that offers the second description, as I find it emotionally appealing.

Content marketing should focus more on the customer’s needs than a description of your services.  This drives in more sales.

  • Include podcasts and video content:

More than 50% of people who watch podcasts are convinced to purchase the product.  Videos and podcasts have a visual effect on people’s minds.  They help in attracting the section of the audience which is not tuned to reading text.  It is another powerful way of presenting content and also helps greatly in search engine optimization.

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Hand over the job to professional content writing services

Hope that now you got an idea of how to make the content better.  Then, why wait to act on it?!  Give your e-commerce website a new lease of life with fresh content.  Hand over the job of content writing to agencies experienced in these services, while you sit back and celebrate the increasing traffic of your website.  Write to us at contactus@kloudportal.com for details. 

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