How to Know if SEO for your e-Commerce Store is Working

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Yes, we know that you have been there with several trials and errors.  You might have tried several SEO strategies to boost your website to make it gain the best possible search engine ranking.  After all the effort that goes into optimizing your e-commerce store for SEO, it’s time to test how effective it is.  Well, before we get into the tools used by SEO agencies to test SEO effectiveness, you need to first know what SEO factors to check.

Parameters used by SEO agencies to check SEO effectiveness

They check the following metrics:

  • How much time readers spend on your website
  • What channels bring in users to your website
  • Which pages on your website load slowly and why
  • The channels which drive conversions
  • Keyword ranking
  • Backlinks to your site

Most of the SEO Analytics tools give reports with the above-mentioned details of your website, that help you measure the outcome of your SEO strategies.

SEO tools

What are the tools used to measure SEO effectiveness?

1. Google Analytics:

This is the tool that is most popularly used by the SEO agencies.  Among the many reports that Google Analytics generates, the most useful ones are:

  • Mobile Overview report: Today, people rarely log in to the desktop PC or laptop for a simple Google search. Browsing on a mobile phone is way easier. Hence, businesses that optimized their website for the mobile view can gain better traffic than those who have not. Mobile Overview Report helps to analyze the loopholes present in your mobile site that users find annoying. It also helps to understand the channels from which users enter into your website.
  • The Channels report: It helps to track the source of incoming traffic to your website, and how much of this traffic brought you conversions. This helps you to decide which channels to optimize for your website to perform better.
  • Navigation Summary report: This is the best report to track the user’s navigation through your website, which page they come from, and where they go to. This information helps to determine what information the users are looking for on your website and where you can improvise.
  • Landing Page report: This helps to check out which is the most visited page, and the bounce rate.
  • Site Speed Overview Report: As the name indicates, it monitors the performance speed of the website.
  • Goal Overview Report: This helps you to know which pages lead to conversions.


2. Ahrefs:

This tool is especially useful to show the keyword ranking of your webpage on the search engine. Ahrefs also shows the number of searches that each keyword gets per month and which words pull up your webpage on the search engine. This information is valuable to find out how well your website is performing in terms of SEO, based on keyword search.

Some of its other useful reports are:

  • URL Rating Distribution report: Backlink profile is one of the key metrics in SEO and this report gives a clear backlink profile of your website. It rates the quality of each link of your webpage from 1 to 100.
  • Best pages by link growth report: This report helps to show which pages on your website attract more traffic in terms of backlinks.  Therefore this report helps to improve content management too.
  • Backlink Anchors report: It highlights the text used by other websites to link to your website.

    3. WebFx:

    In the information generated by WebFx, the key focus points are traffic, rankings, conversions, and leads. These metrics are measurable for a specified time. Like some other tools, WebFx provides customized reports for your website and gives you a lot of query options to pull the reports. This helps digital marketing companies to check your website performance in SEO terms.

    4. SEM Rush:

    To be successful in implementing SEO, you need to keep a tab of who visits your website. SEO agencies make use of SeMRush which provides detailed visitor information for your website and to see how engaged these readers are.

    Pretty much like most other tools, SeMRush is effective in providing reports over more than 50 marketing metrics including keyword analytics, traffic analytics, gap analysis like keyword gap, backlink gap, and more.

    In all these tools, you may either run the reports manually or schedule them to be run at periodic intervals.

    SEO quote

    What are the limitations in measuring SEO effectiveness?

    SEO effectiveness in simple terms, cannot be considered a standard measurement.  This is because Google and other search engines keep changing SEO metrics from time to time.  If your website ranks highest on the search engine today, there is no guarantee that the rank continues forever.  People change, people’s requirements change, and so does their search behavior on the internet.  Hence you need to keep your webpage content updated to suit the search parameters.  Therefore, SEO is a continuous process and needs regular monitoring. 

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