How to Choose the Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Company

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Digital Marketing

I have been operating my business for six years now. Marketing and sales have always intrigued me. Over the past few years, I have realized how important marketing is for any business. It is the first step towards filling your sales pipeline, closing the deals, and growing up the business ladder.

When this struck me, I started finding ways on how to identify my target audience, how I should reach my audience, and start setting up meetings. If you are a business owner or into marketing and sales, I am sure you understand what I am talking about. It took me 3-4 months to figure out how it is done and how to choose the best PPC agency (Pay Per Click Agency)

I would like to share a few steps here that could be helpful for your business in getting the right PPC services.

Amongst most of the marketing techniques that work well for traditional businesses, digital marketing plays a key role in reaching out to a wider audience. Especially when your products and services have the potential to serve a global audience. I suggest you should keenly look for digital marketing for your business, especially Google AdWords that helped me a lot in the growth of my business.

There are numerous videos, tools, and techniques out on google that can teach me how to do digital marketing. However, I knew it would cost me a lot more if I tried to do it all by myself. I wouldn’t know where I was going wrong and would definitely take my productive hours to figure-out things. So I started looking out for agencies that can do this job for me, while I focus on meeting the prospects and closing the sales.

Trust me, it was difficult to find a trusted agency that could do digital marketing/PPC services for my business. Especially when I searched on Google for “The Best Digital Marketing Agency” or “The best pay-per-click advertising company” there is tons of information. Now, how to identify the best marketing agency?

Hence I created an evaluation table that could help me narrow down my search-

Here are a few checklist items you may want to refer to:

  1. Identify the top 5 PPC agencies that are running ad campaigns or AdWords (since they come up in the 1st rank on search, they can be preferred. As I wanted to run paid google ads (Google Adwords) for my business as well, I considered them for evaluation too.)
  2. Visit their websites and check if they have case studies listed. More specifically from your line of business.
  3. Check if they are regularly blogging on their website and are updating themselves with the current trends in digital marketing.
  4. Find if they are doing their marketing well. If they can do it for themselves, they can be considered passionate and would be willing to help you too:-). To find this you may want to download a plugin, like SEO Quake or MOZ. It will give you an SEO picture of the website. It looks something like this:

This helps you evaluate that they are good at marketing themselves online. Look for the total backlinks parameter, that can build the trust for you.

The reason I ask you to evaluate the websites that come up with ads on the top is because many digital marketing agencies don’t do their homework and market themselves to be the top players in digital marketing. They pump-in money in Google wallet and may not be doing organic marketing for themselves.

A good marketing agency always strives to work and carry the principle of “show by example”. After choosing the right agency, talk to the agency and ask them if they can guide you on how to read the campaigns once they are set up.

Some agencies might be hesitant to share you the details, but it is good to narrow down on an agency, who is open to discuss and help you understand how you can evaluate them. I always consider metrics as a priority. If I am unable to measure something, then I wouldn’t be able to evaluate my ROI.

I suggest you carefully evaluate your digital marketing agency/PPC agency before you choose one. Because a wrong agency may blow up your money bringing in zero results.

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