How to avoid long queues in a shopping mall?

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It is not a good sight to see a store, where you want to make a purchase with long waiting queues and the overwhelming crowd. Most of us avoid shopping or go online shopping due to the long lines.No matter how good the product or service is, if the customers had to wait long in the queues then they are most unlikely to return to the store. We often see customers who walked up to the store, give up the purchase due to the long queue.

So, being a store owner how to stop the customers from switching to another store due to the long waiting at billing? Here are few measures to avoid long queues.

Increase the billing counters

If there is continuous crowd day in day out basis then it is obvious to increase the POS or billing counters. However, it takes the extra cost to install devices and hire staff for the same.

Hire smart agents who are quick at processing

Most of the times customers get frustrated that their queue is moving slowly compared the next queue and often get into a fight with the billing agent due to their slow processing. To avoid these frustrating situations, it is very important to hire the smartest and quickest processer for billing.

Reduce the time-consuming security check

Even today few stores do multiple security check to verify if all the products are being billed properly. It not just kills time but imparts a negative impression about the stored procedures.

Introduce special counters

Make separate counters for availing discounts, exchanges, customer queries, less than 10 items etc. Specialised counters give a good experience to customers and reduce the waiting time for billing.

Give special discounts on, non-crowded days

Customers who are monthly salary holders, want to shop when they have recently received their pay. It is often during the first week of the month we see a lot of crowd in the store. Identify the days when the crowd is less and offer special discounts to attract customers to shop even on non-shopping days.

Smart apps

By adopting new technologies, the store can switch to queue less billing. Eazekart is one such retail shopping app, where the customer can simply scan the products and pay quickly without having to wait in long queues.

How does it work:

  • Download the app in the mobile
  • Let your customer scan their product and add to cart
  • Pay online
  • Verify the bill with the store agent.
  • Leave the store with no waiting time

At the present days, any item can be purchased from online store comfortably sitting at home. However, most people still prefer shopping at retails store, simply because they love shopping. But don’t let the long queues kills the joy of shopping for your dear customers.  Integrate your store with an Eazekart app and bring in a fantastic shopping experience.

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