How the right content marketing strategies help in growing organic traffic

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Content Marketing

The most trusted source of information that almost everyone follows nowadays is Google. Content, images, videos are the most renowned sources of information found in any search engine. Coming to the content, it’s the key to win the trust of your customers. No wonder content marketing strategy is one of the most vital aspects of digital marketing. While there are paid ways to attract more traffic towards the website, if you are looking for organic traffic then content writing is the best way.

The content explains your products or services in the market, helps to differentiate yourself from the competitors. Content helps to build a strong reputation and recognition of your brand.

There are certain rules to write content that will help grow organic traffic on your website. The right content, not only drives traffic and engagement it helps in conversions too. Then without further delay let’s discuss a few simple tips on how to write perfect content.

Content Marketing is no longer a numbers game. it’s a game of relevance

The topic
What is the topic of the article? Will the topic be something that the reader is searching for? Are the most common questions that one has before they start writing. We suggest using tools like Buzzsumo, Alltop, Quora, and even Google Trends to research and validate your topic. Be sure that you are not just creating content for content’s sake.

Primary keywords:
Building content around the keywords that are highly relevant to your business is the most important step for content writing. But the big question is how to identify keywords? Google keyword planner or KeywordTool.io are few of the tools that can be used to find highly searched and relevant keywords.
Secondary keywords:
Make sure you write exact long-tail phrases as headings and subheadings. This will further boost your keyword usage and ensure that you are covering the topics users are searching for.

Create engaging images and facts from sources
Do you know 65% of people are visual learners! By inputting visual images, the content will be more shareable and memorable. Rather than just picking up the images from Google, instead create unique diagrams or infographics which explain a theory, communicate a point, or showcase data in exciting and interesting ways.
Try bringing in more statistics and facts in your content. Get information from trusted sources and input the content in the form of visuals or graphs.

Internal Linking
This navigational strategy helps in ranking the internal pages of your website in Google. The bottom line is to interlink the pages so that it engages the visitor within your website and takes him deeper into the brand. The navigation within your website helps the reader gain more insights about your business and drives more conversions.

Good readability
Make sure that the SEO and readability signals are green in your content. Do use shorter sentences, easy words, and less use of passive voice. Install Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress which gives you all the factors where you can improve your writing. Also, check your content for grammatical mistakes and duplications using apps like Grammarly and Plagiarism checker.

Writing content is not an easy piece of cake. Do follow the above-mentioned pointers for that perfect content that drives organic traffic to your website. For content writing services for your business drop us a note at contactus@kloudportal.com.

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