How E-Mail Marketing Services Drive Your Business?

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Content Marketing

At times, when we all open our mailbox to find a bunch of unread e-mails. Of course, we do not read each e-mail to the end. But in a few seconds, we quickly skim those which we want to read and skip the rest. The ones that we read are those that have catchy subject lines, concise text, and attractive images. Above all, e-mails which we feel are a value-add for us are the ones that we read and respond to.

What does this indicate?

It shows that strategic e-mail marketing is still a present-day technique that works even after the emergence of newer advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If you are one of the businesses that look down upon the importance of e-mail marketing services, then you are likely missing out on a big deal!

Why are E-Mail Marketing Services Important for my Business?

The total number of e-mails sent and received daily across the world in 2019 was 293.6 billion and 30.4 billion in 2020 so far. An estimation on statista.com says this number could grow to 361.6 billion in 2024, with the total number of users amounting to 4.3 billion. This is equal to half of the world’s population. While many businesses focus on online marketing, e-mail marketing is still a step that is too crucial to skip.


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How Does E-Mail Marketing Boost Your Business?

There are many ways in which e-mail marketing helps your business.

  1. It helps in growing business relationships:
  2. E-Mail marketing helps you to nurture and maintain business relationships with people who are potential customers or have transacted with you in the past. With your regular e-mail correspondence, these people have your business on top of their minds. When they are ready to make a purchase, they give you an edge over your competitors.

  3. It boosts web traffic and increases search engine ranking:
  4. E-Mails are a fantastic way of boosting traffic to your website. Give people a strong reason to continue reading your e-mail. You can do this by notifying them of new informative content you posted on your website in the form of blogs or videos. It ultimately results in increased traffic and, as a result, greater online visibility and a better search engine ranking.

  5. It helps in promoting your products and services and generates sales:
  6. E-Mail communication makes it easy to promote your products and services. As you launch a new product or a new festival offer that you introduce: you can notify your contacts effortlessly. E-Mail allows you to send them any updates and to keep them in your network. You can give a call for action in your e-mails through which you can generate a conversion.

  7. It offers personalized communication to retain customers:
  8. In terms of offering personalized messages, e-mails have an advantage over social media advertisements. E-Mails help you to send customized messages which people would appreciate. Let us consider that there was a product on your website that a customer wanted to purchase. But just before the last click, it went out of stock. You can include a “Notify me” option to the customer that, if he clicks, you can send a personalized e-mail to the customer when the product is back in stock. It keeps your customer coming back to your website and browsing for more products and making more purchases. You do not have this advantage in social media ads though they have other benefits.

  9. E-Mail marketing saves your budget:
  10. E-Mails are an inexpensive way to promote your business, while you would require to pay a price for promoting through paid channels. For example, running an ad campaign on a social networking site could cost you way more than it does through e-mail marketing.

  11. It is user-friendly to your audience and facilitates easy publicity:
  12. Let us say you received an e-mail with a newly-launched insurance policy with good coverage and with health riders added. You do not need it, but you know a friend or relative who wants to take insurance. You could easily forward the e-mail to the needy person and advise him to check it out. If it was a pop-up ad, you might not have thought of sharing the details with your friend. Here is how the user-friendliness of your marketing techniques impacts the business.

  13. It establishes customer loyalty:
  14. As challenging it is to acquire new customers, so it is to retain them. By being in constant touch with your customers through e-mail marketing, you can send constant reminders. For instance, the items they left in their cart, the reward points they accumulated, or a milestone your company reached. In this way, you let your customers trust you more and more, and they look forward to doing business with you again.

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Avail E-Mail Marketing Services for Your Business Today

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