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by | Aug 14, 2020 | Content Marketing

She sees her son happily playing with few toys, and says “Our son is growing up, good educational toys will help in his development of cognitive abilities. Any idea where to purchase from?”

“Let’s search on google”, he suggested.

A friend said, “I guess, amidst this global pandemic i should take a new health insurance policy”.

His friend replied “Let’s search on google and find out the best policy within our budget!”

Today we have the World Wide Web as a single-stop destination to answer most of our questions. Right from as simple as purchasing a toy to fulfilling our greater requirements, we resort to the internet to quench our inquisitiveness, and that is exactly why the strategy of content marketing came into the picture today.

You need to create ridiculously good content – content that is useful, enjoyable and inspired


How Content Marketing is works?

Content writing is the key to content marketing.

Content writing is the preparation of content on a variety of topics.

This content is posted on different forums and social media websites to be easily accessible to the common man.  Thereby helping him choose products as per his requirement.

Content marketing also provides a web searcher the necessary information, going through which he is guided in making his final decision.

Why is content marketing important for your business?

As obvious as it seems, it becomes easy to build the customer’s trust by providing informative content.

Your customers are more likely to approach a business that narrates the details of its product and educates on its value, purpose and benefits, than just a business that talks about features and offerings.

The strategy of content marketing is not new, it has been existing for more than a century. However, with the advent of the information era and the internet in the past few decades, it has become easy for any business to reach out to a wider audience than ever before.

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How Content Marketing helps in the growth of a business

  • Firstly, content marketing makes your business more visible by presenting customers with value-added information. With the content that you pen down, your pages are optimized by the search engine to reach out to people who search for it.


  • Greater visibility, in turn, draws greater traffic to your site and helps in generating leads. Isn’t it exactly what every business wants?


  • Businesses tend to build credibility with their customers through content writing. A good business not only draws customers but also retains them. Customer loyalty is the prime aspect that helps in business growth, and you win it with the credibility you develop through qualitative content.

How to begin content marketing?


1. The best way to start with content marketing is to identify the right content marketing agencies who have a dedicated team of content writers to support them.

2. Take time to help your content marketing agency or team to understand your products or services.

3. You require their help to produce a quality write-up for your business!

4. A good content marketing agency understands that content marketing is different from plain advertising, and it focuses on the quality of information it presents. It creates original content that is clear, focussed, and organized in line with your business requirement.

Content marketing agency creates content in a language that the reader finds understandable and engaging.


We at Kloudportal work with businesses in identifying their target audience, content marketing strategies, and content marketing execution. Our dedicated content writers closely work our clients to produce content for their content marketing needs.

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