Five Easy Ways to Grow your Remarketing Ad Campaigns

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Digital Marketing

Well, before we begin, let me ask you a question.  Let us say, you go out to buy some clothes.  Would you look for your favorite brands and stores already known to you, or go for new ones?  If it is me, I might at times try new ones, but when I go to the store that I already visited, there are more chances that I would end up my purchase there without having to visit another.  And that’s exactly why remarketing ad services are a hit.  Typically, all businesses work towards remarketing ads to improve their flow.

How are remarketing ads helpful?

While marketing is aimed at the whole set of people, remarketing is aimed only at an audience who already knows you.  They have either done business with you earlier or at least have known of your existence and browsed through your range of products.  Hence it is more likely that they would convert to your customers if you connect with them again.

How to go about remarketing ad campaign?

Digital marketing agencies provide remarketing services through different channels.  You can remarket your products and services pretty much on the same platform where you did the initial marketing.  This includes video marketing on YouTube, publishing ads on Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, search engines like Google, and others. 

Google Ads, which was earlier called as Google Adwords, is one of the best tools for remarketing.  This platform allows advertisers to bid on particular keywords to let their ads appear on the Google search results page.  These ads let the viewers click on them, and the advertiser pays Google for each click they get. 


Easy ways to increase remarketing ad campaigns

1. Select the audience to whom you want to remarket your services

Since remarketing is all about getting back people who are already introduced to your business, you need to separate these people from the rest of the crowd.  You can do this by analyzing your website or Facebook page with tools like Google Analytics.  For example, if you have earlier posted a three-minute video advertisement, people who came across it could be divided into three types.

  • People who simply scrolled without watching it
  • Those who watched the video for 30 seconds or less
  • Those who watched the video for a while and clicked on the next step like viewing your products, or looking at your customer support number.

Here you would not consider remarketing ads to the first section of people.  And you would not ignore people in the second and third categories, as they have shown considerable interest in your business.  But they postponed the purchase for some reason.  To them you would display your ads again, and again, seeing which, there are chances that they get back to you.

2. Keep a tab of people who visited the web-pages of your competitors

Do not feel low if you get to know that there are a lot of people who have visited the website of your competitor and not yours.  This is good news too.  Because this makes it obvious that those people are interested in the same niche of products and services that you offer, though they might not have come across your business.  You can simply advertise your services to them based on their likes and comments on your competitor’s website.  And what’s more!  Possibly, most of them could turn to you if they discover that you have something better to offer.  This is also a hack in remarketing ads as you are targeting people who are interested in your field.

3. Show customized ads

Now that your select audience already knows your business, you do not have to display introductory ads to them.  You might have already placed cookies that monitor what exactly they check for on your webpage.  Based on this information, you can display ads containing products that match their search.  This helps you connect to them well as you save their search time and rekindles their interest in your business.

4. Offer brief giveaways to your customers for a specific duration

There could have been people who created an account in your website earlier, or installed your app in their mobile.  They could have saved some products in their shopping cart, but finally checked out without completing the purchase.  If they reached this point, it shows that they almost made up their mind to make a purchase, but skipped for some reason.

You do not want to miss out on such highly possible conversions in the last second, right?  It is time to get back their attention with pop-up reminders, emails, like “You left these beauties in your shopping cart”, etc.  You can make them rethink the purchase with exciting offers like “30 percent off on your cart, offer valid only for today”, Most of these customers would not miss the deal.  Even if they do, they would still come back to your website another day to check any more offers you might offer.

5. Calculate the cost per conversion and adjust the cost per click

After all the efforts you put in to make your remarketing ad campaign soar rocket-high, you need to calculate to see how far it has been successful. The budget tools available in Google Ads can help you figure out how much you have been paying per click on an average. You can calculate as follows.

For example, if you display your ad 1000 times, out of which 20 times it has been clicked, and further only 1 conversion was done. And you paid $2 towards the cost per click. Then the total amount that cost you for your conversion is (20 clicks * $2 =) $40.

If your profit arising from that one conversion is way higher than this $40, then you should be willing to pay more cost per click.  This makes your ad gets displayed more times and you can get more conversions within your affordable budget. This way your remarketing ad campaign gets a big boost.

Do not worry if your cost per click goes up high here, because ultimately your cost per conversion is very low when compared to your profit margin. You need to calculate this way.

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