Essential Tools for Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a step-by-step process.  There are various stages involved.

Stages in Digital Marketing:

  • Create a website to display your products and services.
  • Make your business visible to a large set of audience.
  • Connect your business to people who need, that is, a set of a target audience.

Here is where digital marketing tools play an important role.

SEO services make use of some powerful SEO tools that provide a variety of solutions to suit your marketing needs.  While some of the features offered in these SEO tools are available free of cost, most of the personalized features are paid services.  Let us have a look.

Digital Marketing tools

Tools used in Digital Marketing:

SEM Rush:

It assists in keyword analysis, ad management campaigns, SEO audit of your website, providing backlinks, and a lot more.  SEMRush also helps in content management.  Especially it has a sub tool that helps in a detailed analysis of the number of results displayed by the search engines when users search with a particular keyword.  By this, you can decide which keyword fetches more visibility for your business.


Ahrefs’ WordPress SEO Plugin is primarily used in content management.  It helps in monitoring the backlinks used in your website by combining the plugin data with Google Analytics to provide recommendations for content on your webpage.  Users find Ahrefs easier to use than SEM Rush, as it provides more easy-to-read information.  It gives a clear estimate of the required number of backlinks to rank a specific keyword, which is very useful.


Ubersuggest is an extension of Google Chrome which is free of cost and can be installed easily.  It is available in web format too.  This digital marketing tool provides the SEO metrics related to your search phrase in Google and displays the results straight on the Google search page.  You can get a detailed analysis of metrics like how many times your key phrase has been used in the last 12 months while searching, what age group people search for it, how much percent of SEO links it gets, etc.  Domain scores and backlinks are also analyzed.

Ubersuggest is especially useful for website owners looking to improve their SEO score, sales professionals, and freelancers.


As the name suggests, this SEO tool helps in identifying new keywords.  The fundamental point in marketing is to present your services to people in a language that they understand.  For this, it is necessary to use the right terms that match their search phrases.  Keywordtool.io helps in discovering the right keywords that people use, to search on the internet for what they needed.

This digital marketing tool provides long-tail keywords using Google Autocomplete. This tool has a free version that provides more than 750 keyword suggestions instantly.  You may choose the keyword in the language of your choice.  The paid advanced version named Keyword Tool Pro that offers double the number of keywords provided by the free version.


Moz provides capable SEO software for each of your business needs.  Its tool named Moz Pro helps with all the basic digital marketing strategies like keyword research, competitive analysis, the audit of your website, link building, etc.  For checking the accuracy of your business listings, deleting duplicate listings, and monitor and enhancing your online presence, Moz Local helps.

A set of tools called Moz Analytics various SEO features that takes your business ahead in SERP ranking.  They also offer a free training program that trains you on SEO basics.


Once you prepare content for your website, you need to provide effective backlinks.  Backlinks are very important from an SEO perspective, as they certify the authenticity of the content present on your website by providing its source.  This source, however, needs to be a genuine website and not a fake one.  WebMeUp is one of the best back-link providing tools that small business owners use to enhance their online presence.

WebMeUp helps to evaluate the link profile of your business to eliminate any risky links.  It downloads and acquires the links of your competitor sites too. 

Screaming Frog:

There could be times when your website faces poor ranking despite implementing all SEO strategies.  This is when a technical audit of the website is required, to find out the overall issues that prevent its ranking.   Screaming Frog is a digital marketing tool that excels in this task, along with providing all other SEO services.  This tool is a website crawler that works on various operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu.  We can find a detailed user guide that contains basic instructions right from installing the software on your OS to how to use it for crawling into subdomains, XML sitemaps, images, external links, and a lot more.


WebCEO is a cloud-based platform designed to satisfy the SEO needs of small businesses and large SEO agencies. WebCEO provides full-fledged SEO tools for:

Keyword research
SEO audits
Landing page optimization
Rank tracking
Backlink quality check
Internal link building
Social media analytics
Content submission
Competition analysis


Digital marketing agencies make use of various tools like the above-mentioned, to improve the visibility of your business.  At KloudPortal, we make use of the best tools to give you the best output.   Do contact us at contactus@kloudportal.com for more information.

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