Digital Marketing your Clinic? 5 key points you should know

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Blog

With every business going online, every customer is turning to Google to check out the information. It is very essential to have a digital presence. If you or your clinic is not available online, your patients are less likely to get in touch with you.

Here are the five key things you should know before you start doing Digital Marketing for your clinic:

1. Online presence:

You should have a website that displays clearly what your clinic offers. What services you have, how many doctors are available in your clinic. How many consulting physicians you have.


2. Website Content:

Website content should have relevant keywords, that will help Google Crawl your pages. Make sure to have individual pages for each service


3. Social Media Links:

Make sure you build your social media presence as your website getting its shape. Include your social media links on your website.

4. Blogs:

Make sure you have a blog page on your website. Keep blogging on your area of specialization. Give these blogs the necessary exposure. Your Digital Marketing team will be able to help you promote these articles at relevant forums.

5.Video Talks:

You should have video talks on your website. Make the videos short and simple, so you connect to the audience quickly and convey your message.

These small tips on your website will help you boost your website traffic and help you reach a wide audience.

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