Did you know sometimes deindexing your webpage can increase your website traffic?

by | Jul 30, 2021 | SEO

The websites are designed to be the virtual brand ambassadors of any organization. The content on the website is designed to attract more audiences to its webpage. There are multitudes of ways in which one can attract the right audience to a particular website. The content on the webpages plays a vital role in driving organic traffic to a website. Here we are discussing how deindexing can improve the performance of your website and drive better traffic to your website. Let us enlighten ourselves with these technical jargons first.

What is crawling and indexing?

Website crawling is a process in which software is deployed to search documents on the web with the intent to build an index for a webpage. This software program creates a copy of the visited webpages, which will be available for processing by a search engine. The crawlers help in maintenance tasks on a website, like checking links and HTML codes. Crawlers do an in-depth scan of webpages by following links from one webpage to another.

Crawling a website is an activity mainly dedicated to indexing the content on the web, meaning the web pages are indexed based on meta-data, keywords, etc. A webpage with ease of navigability and clear and targeted content will rank higher on the search results.

When should you deindex your webpage?

Deindexing is useful when you do not want outdated and duplicate content to be indexed. For example, multiple versions of your webpage, like the printer-friendly one or the regular one, may get indexed under different URLs. De-indexing irrelevant and duplicate content may help build better traffic to your webpage.

duplicate content with different uRLs

There are many aspects that can assist in indexing the relevant pages from your website. Setting up robot.txt file sitemaps are useful ways in which the crawlers can be guided to the right source that needs indexation and leave out irrelevant ones.
The robot.txt file controls the crawler traffic on your website and specifically defines which parts of the website to crawl and which to crawl not. The Sitemap similarly provides the blueprint of your website and allows the web crawler to index the most important pages on your site by listing the same.

How does this deindexing help in boosting the website traffic?

De-indexing takes away irrelevant outdated content from being indexed, hence allowing the organic traffic to reach the appropriate and relevant webpage on your website. Excessive indexing of web pages by search engines may lead to a situation called Index bloat, where an excess of low-value pages have automatically got indexed. The index bloat will slow down web crawling of important content which may be of high value from an SEO standpoint. It can pull down your ranking, in turn affecting your Domain authority. Hence, it’s prudent to de-index content that is irrelevant and of low value in attracting a targeted audience to your website.

How can you Deindex a webpage?

The easiest way will be to remove redundant content from the web pages. Other tools like Remove URL Tool, Remove Content Tool, Meta Robots Noindex tag, robot.txt, and sitemaps can be very helpful in structuring the content and presenting the web content in a relevant manner to the end-user.


While we are looking to get more visibility for our brands and organizations, making the targeted and relevant pages more visible to the web bots or crawlers will help in channelising quality web traffic to our sites. Stay ahead of time and become more connected with the current trends and avoid irrelevant pages that bring down our valuable branding strategies.

Anitha Ramachandruni

Anitha Ramachandruni

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Anitha Ramachandruni, is an MBA graduate having rich experience in the field of Digital Marketing.
She is passionate about writing and has been exploring the content writing field with her specific insights on Digital Marketing. She has hands-on experience working with many clients and adding more value to their brands. She is also an avid reader and likes to keep herself updated with the latest technologies in the world.

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