5G and Future Digital Marketing

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Digital Marketing

With the advent of 5G there has been a lot of buzz and hype around it. And looks like the hype is worth it. Yes, the speed of processing is going to be increased which benefits future digital marketing! Yay!

As the technology word suggests, with every “G” there is something new coming up. This new G is definitely going to put our millennials on the fast track.

Let us just step back a few decades and see the evolution of the “G”s – G is for Generation:

1G – Mobile Phones – 1980s
2G – SMS or Phone Texting – 1990s
3G – Mobile Internet – early 2000s
4G – Mobile Apps – 2008
5G – Bringing Connected Devices

5G is expected to connect 70 Billion devices by 2025. It is going to expand its reach to multiple devices and Internet of Things, Wearable technology, retail commerce, connected homes and appliances, connected vehicles, decentralized distribution of data etc.

Impact on Future Digital Marketing

The question comes on what would be its impact on marketing?

The dynamics of marketing is going to change. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

• Real-time analytics is going to drive the marketing strategies.
• Marketing for clusters – people with similar demographics, sociographic, geographics and psychographics shall be grouped and targeted.
• Interactive advertising
• Personalized Marketing
• AR/VR based user experience driven marketing.

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Real-time data analytics:

With the devices connected to each other, there is a huge data that is going to be generated every second. The precision with which this data can be analyzed to deliver the best service to the customer is a challenge.  The faster the reach, sooner the conversions.

Marketing for clusters:

With 4G we see all the apps, web devices etc., are existing, but not connected. With 5G all the devices including your smart phone, TV, Cars, Home automation systems etc., will be connected. A huge data potential is awaiting the output of 5G revolution. Customers are currently segmented only based on demographics and psychographics. But the segmentation will go a little more deeper to connect geographies, sociographies as well. Future digital marketing will see the cluster audiences, who may have high demand for a particular product of services.

Interactive advertising:

Current advertisements which are instructional in nature and are one to many, is going to change. It is going to take the form of many to many. With already chatbots on the cards, most of the businesses have adopted for remote assistance for their customers. With interactive advertisements, it will get more specific with gamification and user engagement.

Personalized Marketing:

While cluster marketing will focus on detailed market segmentation based on demographics, sociographics, psychographics and geographic factors, an in-detail personalization will be the new norm. This is to enable the customers with right products and quicker buy/sell decisions.

AR/VR based user experience driven marketing:

AR/VR has currently entered into educational, real-estate segments. There is a rapid expansion expected in healthcare, industrial automation and retail segments. Virtual reality shall enable the users to walkthrough a journey and experience the product/service, before making a buying decision. Video based marketing has already started, and adding AR/VR experience will just make it more realistic.

Be ready to explore the new marketing trends that 5G is going to bring. Start exploring more about how you can add value to customers. User Experience driven marketing will be a game changer once 5G is in.

The Conclusion:

Digital Marketing certainly will not be same as today. Markets are quickly adapting to technology and change. Be ready to take advantage of 5G network. Stay ahead of the Game!

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