3 Mistakes that Doctors commit in Digital Marketing their clinics.

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Blog

With every business going online, Digital is the future of any business. Businesses not found online, are likely to be turned off or fade away in the next few years. Doctor’s clinics are no different. Many doctors do their Digital marketing on their own, but here are the top few mistakes that doctors commit, when they do digital marketing on their own:


1. Use jargons on the website content:

Doctors specialize in their particular area of treatment. But tend to forget that patients don’t specialize 🙂
Typically patients don’t search with Medical jargon. They search with symptoms. Make sure to have content that highlights the symptoms on the website.


2.No Videos on the Website:

Videos are an easy way to communicate with your audience. Most of the doctors have videos on different social media channels and not on the website.

Having a video on the website, which briefly describes services, shall attract the audience to check out more. Also, the audience will be able to easily understand what treatments are offered. It also helps Google to crawl the pages and help rank your website in search results.


3. Write Medical Blogs:

Doctors are so passionate about their areas of specialization that they start writing blogs related to Medical presentations or Medical audience. Posting these blogs in Medical journals might help pull more audience to reach you. But the website is not the right place to post medical blogs. Patients don’t come to the website to read Medical blogs. They come to your website to read what you can offer or have offered already. They search for use cases, which you have solved.

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