The Digital Marketing Flywheel

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Digital Marketing

We have heard about many business models that define a company’s revenue and growth vision. Coming to marketing, funneling the leads and engaging the leads was always a point of discussion. However, identifying your flywheel in your business is the key to move up the ladder from being a startup to enterprise. And it is essential to remember that it does take time to identify the flywheel and the key players who turn the wheel.

Being a Digital Marketing agency with over seven years of experience, here we present you the Digital Marketing Flywheel.

As we always advocate, Digital Marketing is not a one person’s job. And true to that, we have experienced this flywheel in KloudPortal, where the wheel is turned by each of the stakeholders.

Digital Marketing Flywheel for Kloudportal.

Every member in the team turns the wheel effectively, to give enough momentum to our marketing efforts. An SEO expert extensively works on Search Engine Optimization techniques which are both On-page and Off-Page. Keeping in tune with the Google’s search engine optimization updates, Bing and Yahoo search engine updates, understanding the key ranking factors, our SEO expert is constantly evaluating our website’s performance as per search engine’s guidelines.

Off Page SEO experts – guided by the latest guidelines, Off-page SEO experts work continuously with an objective to drive traffic to the website. On an average, making 30-40 submissions in a day, fine tuning their submissions to drive more and more quality referrals to the website.

Search Engine Marketing Experts – This team focusses on bringing in search engine traffic to the website. Optimizing our display advertisements, search ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing they consistently work on improving the search appearance, managing the ad budgets and improving the ad performance.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media has become an inevitable part of life. Keeping a track of social media behaviors of our prospects, identifying the right social media channels suitable for our business, strategically presenting KloudPortal on social media channels, driving engagement and traffic to the company pages. Users triggering call to actions on social media posts, has been driving considerable quality traffic to our website.

Digital Marketing Flywheel for KloudPortal.

Content Writing – This team focuses on developing value added content for our prospects. Consistently writing about latest google updates, changes and suggestions as proposed in Google, keeping an eye on the search engine ranking parameters, this team adds value to the visitors coming to our website.

Content Marketing – Creating content and just leaving it there on the website, doesn’t help much. The value added content should reach the audience on different channels. Hence our content marketing team focuses on sharing the KloudPortal blogs on various channels, websites and social media handles. They focus on taking KloudPortal content to the eyes of our prospects and customers.

PR Marketing – This team focusses on taking the KloudPortal’s work to larger audience through Press Releases. Working exclusively with Medium.com and EIN presswire, this team analyzes the audience reach and optimizes the Press Releases accordingly.

SMS Marketing – A 121 channel to reach our prospects, SMS Marketing has played a key role to bringing great prospects to KloudPortal. The team focuses on driving attention of the prospects by keeping the message crisp and clear with an intentional Call to Action.

E-mail Marketing – Reaching prospects on their personal e-mails, delivering value added content to their inboxes, have attracted valuable prospects for KloudPortal. Many B2B customers have reached us for their marketing needs.

How we measure the flywheel performance?

We define KPIs for each stakeholder in the flywheel. While they enjoy doing their work, each stakeholder is excited to share their results and observations. They consistently plan to improve their performance, thereby adding momentum to the flywheel.

Typical KPIs that we use to measure our stakeholder’s performance include:

  • Website Performance
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Goals and Conversions
  • Submission Rates
  • Engagement Rates
  • Measuring our SEO RoI

While we build the flywheel model and execute it successfully for ourselves, we help our customers identify their Digital Marketing flywheel and execute it for them too.

Our experience has shown that, every organization’s Digital Marketing flywheel varies. A service based company sees a different digital marketing flywheel, and the same does not work for a product based company.

Want to know which digital marketing flywheel model is correct for your business? Book a strategy call with us. Fill the Contact us form today with your details, and our team will be with you as soon as possible.

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