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Project Falcon by KloudPortal


Falcon by KloudPortal is an automated indigenous notification mechanism designed for stock tips business to service their clients via multiple communication channels. Its a managed IT solution for Stock market advisers/stock tip providers, investment firms, wealth management businesses and security advisers.

With Falcon, KloudPortal introduces a cost effective stock management system as an affordable solution to take care of stock tip delivery issues for providers in the stock market. First, it gives a stock tip management system for the broking firms/stock tip advisers and second, it solves the problem in stock tip delivery.


Falcon is a pre-built application that helps advisers/tip providers communicate effectively with their clients via SMS, e-mail and chat. KloudPortal helps a stock tip provider to expand his client base and reach out to his International customers. Falcon’s Omni-device solution helps the stock tip providers work on Mobile/Tablet/PC from any location to reach their customers. Collecting legal, mandatory and operating documents could be done online with KloudPortal. This will allow the stock tip providers to minimize staffing and expand client base and thus, boost their yields rapidly.


Falcon is a smart application that can be deployed as package for business units and the providers do not have to build an expensive website from the scratch. In Falcon, one could draft a stock tip message to the clients instantly to different communication modules. Whatsapp will also be made available in the future Falcon versions for stock tip providers managing investments for overseas clients.

The greatest advantage for the stock tip providers is that their customers do not have to worry of managing investments in difficult situations. Imagine one of your clients travelling in a flight and not being able to be tipped/advised. Just because he/she is in a flight for the next three hours and just because he/she is in a position not to know what is changing in the market, your client lost a huge chunk of moolah. The reason, he/she was not in a position to be notified through appropriate medium in that window. But with Falcon you can change that.

Falcon provides some extensive features like SMS and e-mail Message Tracking with reply back option, customer subscription management, custom notifications and pre-built payment gateway for sales and purchases. This means Falcon is an automated solution for end-end cycle to exchange as a B2B model.

KloudPortal allows you to customize the website in a stipulated time with the help of their expert service team available at all times. Sign up with KloudPortal for Falcon product with minimal info and get the product quickly. Contact KloudPortal team to get the application hosted within two business days and get going with configuring business needs, payment gateways, e-mail, SMS, chat services. The support team for Falcon will ensure end-end support ensuring there is no downtime and peak performance maintenance through unlimited support tickets and customer service.

Our team encourages the users to try Falcon demo through  Falcon will be soon available on Google Play and App store.

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