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       Digital Revolution has marked the onset of Information Age, a period in human history where economy is based on Information computerization. While Information includes vivid data, there is a huge requirement to analyze the data and convert information into useful knowledge. Thus came in Data Analytics which helps in understanding the world in a better way, make informed decisions for growth and betterment.

 With the Information revolution, today every domain is bombarded with vast data. Be it Banks and Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Education, Retail etc., we have a vast pool of data to deal with. Channelizing the data, analyzing  customer behaviour and focussing on making right decisions ensure business longevity and continuity.

 At KloudPortal, we help the Businesses with Data Analytics, Data Integration, Data Reporting and Data Visualization. Our expert team works with the clients to understand their needs and focus on helping them with channelization of data.  We offer solutions in Business Intelligence Stack, Data Visualization, Data Mining and Big Data Analytics.

Fast File Hub

Document Management Software and its Multitenant

         Now manage your Projects, Files, Folder and Users using our product “Fast File Hub” (FFH). Exemplary features of this centralized document repository include:

  • Multitenancy
  • Web based platform
  • Admin Panel
  • Responsive Design
  • User Management
  • Project Management
  • Fine tuned access to Files and Folders
  • File and Folder Management
  • Easy to use and adapt
  • Customizable to the enterprise needs.

Advanced Features:

  • Tracking log
  • Project level notifications
  • File and Folder level notifications
  • Share Files and Folders
  • Project Tracking
  • User level access permissions

Customer Engagement Platform

Engage Customer using Actionable Analytics

Engage your eCommerce customers in a healthy way. Drive traffic to your e-commerce website and increase sales with our Customer Engagement Platform. Do your analytics show that customers spend less than 2 mins on your website? 120 seconds of time spent is a valuable information to re-engage your customer and increase your sales. Our specially designed Engine triggers an automated message that will reach the customers and re-engage them. The engine focuses on increasing the organic traffic to the website and focus on sales. This B2B product is a disruptive marketing tool that enables an e-commerce website to establish brand, increase sales and ensure returning customers.  “Re-Engage” is the new pro with our Customer Engagement Platform.

The platform also provides website analytics and can be customized for re-engaging solutions. Web Analytics like the customer origination, time spent on the website, items searched for etc., can be defined for re-engagement.

With our Customer Engagement Platform, now reach out to your organic customers.  Know more 

CustomerEngagePro’s Magento Extension come up with a unique solution where the Java script tracks the usage and triggers daily aggregated analytic reports for your Enterprise. It provides Enterprise web analytics and automated insights to help you measure, manage and improve your customer online presence on all Magento Platform websites DOWNLOAD NOW

Internet of Things - Platform

Device Management , Sensor acquisition & visualizations Platform

Internet of Things – Defined as The Next Big Thing in the Information Revolution. Connecting the devices, reading data from the connected devices or systems and processing the data is a herculean task. While each device gives huge data, channelizing the data and displaying the end user based data is a challenge.

Innovation in IoT space started in 2012, and has been growing at a faster pace. While several innovation, designs, devices have come up, there exists a little gap between the device and integrating platform. Like, Integrating the device to show a particular data to your Social network but a different data for your personal use, controlling your devices, controlling the data, the security of the data on hand etc., are still being explored and have a huge unexplored opportunities too. Both M2M and B2C market of IoT is under huge focus, where unexplored domains, innovations in existing domains, data handling etc., is attracting everyone’s attention.

We at KloudPortal, focus on building a platform to integrate with any M2M or B2C device that are existing in the market. While we focus on Security of the data being handled, we also take care of customizing the platform to the needs of our customers. 
We work with DAQ/DAS systems for Data Acquisition and Data Visualization. The signals pushed by a sensor are logically captured and intelligently displayed with our IoT platform.


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