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Internet Of Things Analytics

Defined as The Next Big Thing in the Information Revolution. Connecting the devices, reading data from the connected devices or systems and processing the data is a herculean task. While each device gives huge data, channelizing the data and displaying the end user based data is a challenge.


Internet of Things

Innovation in IoT space started in 2012, and has been growing at a faster pace. While several innovation, designs, devices have come up, there exists a little gap between the device and integrating platform. Like, Integrating the device to show a particular data to your Social network but a different data for your personal use, controlling your devices, controlling the data, the security of the data on hand etc., are still being explored and have a huge unexplored opportunities too. Both M2M and B2C market of IoT is under huge focus, where unexplored domains, innovations in existing domains, data handling etc., is attracting everyone’s attention.

We at KloudPortal, focus on building a platform to integrate with any M2M or B2C device that are existing in the market. While we focus on Security of the data being handled, we also take care of customizing the platform to the needs of our customers. 

We work with DAQ/DAS systems for Data Acquisition and Data Visualization. The signals pushed by a sensor are logically captured and intelligently displayed with our IoT platform.


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Sunil Khanderao

I contacted them for custom work on mobile app projects. In the last years, I used different Indian companies, but KloudPortal stands out. 


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