How an automated stock market tip delivery system works?

How an automated stock market tip delivery system works?

Stock Market performance and volatility have generated a new trend in the market. People have now started relying on Stock market Tip Providers who have an efficient stock tip delivery mechanism in place. If quality of stock market tip is one side of the coin, its delivery and prompt action on the tip is the other side.

A lot of money is being spent on softwares that can help an analyst to identify the best performing stocks in the market. However, people seem to have ignored a bit on the mechanism to deliver the tips. Bulk SMS and Bulk e-mail packages available in the market can help them to some extent. But, how can you track a stock tip? How can you ensure that the customer has received an exit call or a close call on a particular Stock market tip?

FALCON from KloudPortal has developed an automation mechanism which will send automated updates on a Deliverd Stock market tip via SMS, E-mail and Mobile Notifications to the customers about the stock tip.

Eg: Stock Tip – Message sent by stock analyst

BUY 2 LOTS NSE LT @645.10, TGT 1- 648.10, TGT 2- 649.10 TGT 3 650.10, SL – 642.10

TGT 1 Achieved – Automated Message:

Congratulations! Stock Tip target 1 achieved for the NSE LT

Yes, This is integrated with Indian stock market exchanges NSE, BSE. Also it is extendable to International markets like DOW, NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, SSX etc.,

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