Factors that trigger Website wide quality Re-evaluation

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At certain times when webmasters make major changes to a website, such as restructuring a website, change in content, change in site appearance, change in URL and internal links or a CMS, then a sitewide re-evaluation is needed. At this point, the publishers or webmasters have to submissively wait for the search engine to crawl their website and come across considerable changes during the process.

Therefore, here comes the question of how webmasters or publishers can let Google know that there were significant changes to their website and they require a quality re-evaluation. Is there any way to trigger a re-evaluation when the entire website has gone through a rapid change?

Google’s John Mueller has recently answered this question in the latest Google SEO office-hours on August 6, 2021. He also talked about how re-evaluation works and its impact on the SEO of the website.

John Mueller explained that there is no technical approach for the webmasters to trigger a re-evaluation and it is also not required because if Google’s systems see any significant changes in the site, then from a quality or technical point of view Google would definitely consider re-evaluating the site as everything on it looks different now. Mueller also added that publishers or website owners would have to perform many incremental changes to keep their website re-evaluated.

Here are some factors that a webmaster can improve so that it might probably speed up Google to notice your website and trigger re-evaluation from a quality point of view.

  • Content quality

Improve sitewide quality by publishing high-quality content with correct spelling, grammar, and depth. Ensure that the content is useful and implement EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) which is an important thing considered by Google when crawling and indexing pages.

  • Natural and quality backlinks

To build high-quality links for your site, you need to develop quality content. PageRank is an algorithm developed by Google that gives each page of the website a score of authority and importance by evaluating the quality and quantity of its links.

  • Mobile experience

In recent times all users prefer to use mobile devices to find information on Google. Hence, website owners should consider developing a responsive and adaptive website design with the fast loading speed, easy navigation, and shorter forms to provide users with the best mobile experience.

  • Page experience

The page experience or the user experience of a website is more important for Search engine optimization. The speed and ease of navigation of a website provide a better experience for users. Engaging content with images and charts improves dwell time.

  • Content freshness

Update your website with valuable and up to date content to provide necessary information for visitors. Make sure to use relevant keywords and new content as Google favours fresher results in their SERPs.

Take away

An SEO expert doesn’t need to trigger re-evaluation manually because if there are any significant changes in the site Google systems will essentially consider re-evaluation.

An interesting idea revolves around the discussion that if Google should consider a re-evaluation tool or rather recommend a manual way to trigger a sitewide re-evaluation because there are many instances where webmasters make changes to their websites. Therefore, it may be helpful for them to set off a re-evaluation if their website has gone through any major change.

Watch John Mueller’s answer the query in this latest Google SEO office-hours video below:

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