Facebook, Twitter may face ban from tomorrow. Here is Why?

by | May 25, 2021 | Social Media Marketing


Facebook and Twitter may face a ban in India from May 26th, 2021. It has been understood that the two social networking giants are yet to comply with the latest Intermediary guidelines issued by the Government of India.

As per the Intermediary guidelines, social network companies are supposed to appoint compliance officers. These officers would be responsible for checking the reported posts and take necessary action.

It has come to be known that the social networking companies in India are still waiting for a nod from their US counterparts to take the necessary actions in India. They have hence requested a six months extension to comply with the intermediary guidelines.

What will happen if Facebook is Banned Tomorrow?

Don’t worry, your Facebook accounts will not be lost. The accounts will exist, but will not be accessible. Once the ban is lifted, you can access your Facebook accounts as usual.

What will be the financial impact on Facebook?

India is one of the largest consumer bases for Facebook. A ban on Facebook could lead to a huge financial impact on the company. Corporates, small and medium enterprises that depend on Facebook ads, solo entrepreneurs that depend on Facebook shops, might see a huge impact on their respective businesses as well.

What will be the impact on Twitter?

With billions of tweets coming from India, Twitter may go silent with lesser tweets and chirps from other parts of the World. Again, be rest assured, your Twitter accounts will be back with the same details, once Twitter is back.

A dependency on social media networks does show its impact when they are banned. With COVID around, social media and OTT channels have been a source of entertainment for many in India. Hope the companies will be able to abide by the guidelines and take it as a priority going forward.


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