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Robotic Process Automation

Does your company ready for process automation software?

Reduce Human errors and Improve the productivity immediately.

Identifying a sequence of repetitive tasks that a human does on a daily basis and applying the same sequence to get the job done by a system through software programming is called Robotic Process Automation.   Automation, i would say, was existing since the beginning of Digital Revolution. It was existing in the form of retrieving the data from a database instead of from a human brain. Mobile revolution brought more automation. However, automating a semi automated process is what i would like to define as RPA. So in a non-technology sense, wherever a process is triggered, processed and concluded, with minimum human intervention is called Robotic Process Automation.

How does Robotic Process Automation help a business?

During Industrial Revolution, Machines replaced human beings and generated various products that we use in our daily life. When it took 10 days to chalk out a Wheel for a bullock-cart, it took a day to bring the same wheel into the market with a machine in place. While reduction in time was seen as a major impact, the quality of output and increase in its shelf life have added value to the product.

Robotic Process Automation also works in the same way. RPA can be leveraged to the tasks that your team is doing on a daily basis and consuming a lot of time which otherwise could be invested elsewhere and add value to your business. A simple example where an automation could work: For eg., there are a team of 4 people per shift who are working round the clock to submit forms on a website and generating a printed document for each form generated. This is a herculean task which takes lot of man hours and is prone to human errors. Such processes can be handled well using a Data Scraping RPA which gives advantages in terms of efficiency, less human error and minimum human intervention.

Can Businesses Automate complex flowcharts as well?

RPA has been designed to automate simple tasks like copy & paste to complex tasks which involves working with multiple systems and generating reports or even triggering e-mails to the end users. The scope of RPA very huge and can be leveraged to any business process that is semi-digital.

How can automation add value to my business?

Automation helps a business to streamline its process flows, arranging the sequence of events and triggering the outcomes with right actions. The beauty of automation is, all this happens in:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently (No human error)
  • Effectively (triggered on time)

So, if any business is able to deliver its services within a short duration, with quality and on time is always bound to build trust of the customers and grow at efficient pace.

Our Capabilities of RPA:

We at Kloudportal are always enthusiastic to learn and adopt new technologies and processes. We have a team of developers who can help you with the implementation of Robotic Process Automation at your organization. Based on your problem statement, we can propose the best business process automation solution for your business needs.

Our recent automation solution was implemented for EWay Bills which is Convert GSTR-2A json file to excel. The solution that has been developed can automatically enter the data into the GST system and generate a EWay bill.

We provide performance improvement consulting services for your business. Along with services, we provide unparalleled support to all our customers. Reach us contactus@kloudportal.com 

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