5 important meta description trends that might influence SEO in 2021

by | Jul 21, 2021 | SEO

SEO is key to outrank a competitor on search engines because it bumps up your website visibility and provides an opportunity to convert leads. Numerous ranking factors make a difference to your website’s ranking. Of these factors, meta description might have minimal weight in Google’s algorithm. However, it is an effective practice to look at every opportunity and utilize them accurately to reap the benefits.

In this blog, we will guide you through all about creating a click-worthy meta description, its ideal length, how it impacts SEO, and much more. So, let’s dive right into it!

What is meta-description?

The meta description is an HTML attribute used to provide a precise summary of your page. It appears in search results as a snippet under the title tag to provide users with an idea of what your page content is all about.

How is it important for SEO?

A meta description is undeniably essential for search engine optimization and if written improperly, might adversely affect site rankings. It is a part of on-page SEO and essential for optimization. However, this attribute is not a direct ranking factor, but a compelling meta description entices more visitors to click on your website in the SERPs.

Did you know that over half of Google searches end without a single click? The purpose of meta description is to serve as the snippet of text on the SERPs when searchers perform a search query of what your page ranks for. Meta descriptions can drive traffic, potential conversions, and click through to your site. Hence, providing a unique meta description extends the visibility of your website and should always be a part of your SEO marketing strategy!

Important rules to write a meta-description

What you compile will directly affect what visitors see. Here are five important rules to follow to create your meta descriptions effectively and easily.

tips to create an effective meta decsription

  • The meta description should complement the title tag

Write the description summarizing the content of your web page and never use the same meta description across your site.

  • Use keywords

Embrace primary and secondary keywords at the beginning of the sentence in a pure approach and without duplicating them frequently in your meta descriptions.

  • Maintain ideal length

Make sure your meta description isn’t too lengthy. The ideal length is approximately between 140 and 160 characters. The reason for length optimization is to avoid the truncation of the meta description in the SERPs and as a result, this prevents high bounce rates.

  • Employ active voice

Using active voice improves clarity in meta description because it encourages users to take action and also takes up fewer words than passive voice.

  • Be unique

Make meta descriptions unique and enticing, so that visitors would click through to your site. A good meta description would capture your content and a call to action.


New SEO trends evolve every year to surprise us. Focus your efforts on establishing a credible online presence by adopting SEO techniques to stay relevant on search intent. Writing an effective meta description engages search visitors and indirectly impacts website rankings. So, it should be a priority when optimizing the SEO for your site.


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