5 common SEO myths you should know about

by | Aug 25, 2021 | SEO

Search engine optimization(SEO) is a set of rules for optimizing the website to achieve higher rankings and search visibility on the search engine results page. Every webmaster needs to understand SEO for the success of any online business. SEO helps website owners to perceive what users are searching for so that they can create quality content to satisfy their intent and get more traffic. Following good SEO practices make it easier for webmasters to increase the usability of a website and provide the right signals to search engine crawlers.

On the other hand, even today some SEO myths continue in the marketing industry tricking digital marketers, webmasters, and publishers as the need for SEO continues to rise. To ensure that you stay on track, here are the five most common SEO myths vs realities you should know about.

5 common misconceptions you should know about SEO

1.If you have optimized for Google, you don’t need to do for all other search engines

Myth: If the page content is optimized for Google then you don’t need to worry about optimizing for other search engines.

Reality: Google search comprises the highest share in the search market, however, Bing is improving steadily. If you are targeting 100% web traffic, then you should optimize your website for at least the top three search engines.

Unlike Google, Bing works differently and deserves your attention. So it is clear that if you optimize only for Google then it doesn’t mean that you are covered for other search engines like Bing.

2. Longer content boosts your SEO rankings

Myth: Create high-quality long-form content to improve search engine rankings or to rank well in search results.

Reality: Publishing timely, relevant and well-researched long content is great but it alone will not help you to get to the top of Google search results. As far as SEO is concerned, various other factors contribute to a high-quality website.

People consider in-depth content as valuable but in reality, most long content is not so valuable for the user. However, if you keep in mind a few tips like focusing on the user’s intent, experience and gaining quality backlinks then long-form content does rank well and can improve your traffic.

3. Repeating keywords is very important in SEO

Myth: We often hear that SEO is all about repeating targeted keywords frequently in the content to get noticed.<

Reality: This is a myth that marketers hear the most but it is partly true. The SEO process involves other much deeper activities than just repeating the targeted keywords in the content multiple times to get noticed. Just repeating the keywords will not make your site rank higher as search engines no longer use search keywords alone to rank pages.

4. Social signals don’t affect rankings

Myth: Social signal is not a ranking factor and doesn’t impact your rankings

Reality: According to Google’s John Mueller social signals don’t directly impact your site rankings probably because social signals are easy to manipulate. But both Bing and Google use data from social networks to determine where to rank and how useful your site is. Social metrics play an essential role in bringing your brand on social platforms where you can get thousands of likes and shares which will increase your search traffic.

5. Google penalize for duplicate content

Myth: If you have content on your website that is duplicated elsewhere on the web then Google will penalize you.

Reality: Essentially, having content that is taken from another website might not help you outrank the other page. The search engines may determine the original copy that is more relevant to the search query and as there is no benefit of having both your site gets suppressed. Thus this is not a penalty but the algorithm doing its job. However, some other issues might land you in trouble if you don’t have the legal right to use that content.


In our blog, the most common SEO myths are debunked for you. SEO is a challenging and ever-changing process. Understanding the facts about SEO will help you to create a more effective and efficient SEO strategy for your website which in turn will boost your search rankings.

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