A multichannel Stock Tip Service in your pocket

Stock Market / Trading Tips App is an automated Stock Tip Alerts system

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Who can use this product?


✔  Stock Market Tip Providers
✔  Stock Market Experts
✔  Financial and Security Advisors
✔  Registered Representatives
✔  Mutual Fund Managers
✔  Hedge Fund Managers
✔  Personal/private Investment Advisors
✔  Banks and Security Enterprises
✔  Stock Market Analysts

How does it work?

FALCON is Stock Market App for Independent stock market experts who wish to start their own stock tips/stock advisory business. FALCON helps them with software infrastructure needs for private communication module, a message tracking system, user management system, website, etc., It’s a unique Stock Trading Tips Software designed to provide automated Stock Tip Alerts for users. Investment Managers can keep their clients updated on the daily stock market movement. Launch the business with in 24 hours and Gain Customer Trust! FALCON Mobile App is now available on Play Store!!!!


Product Features:

✔  A complete DashBoard view of your active and expired messages for the last 30 days.

Subscriber Group/User Group based messaging service. One Message > One Click > Multiple Channels > Multiple Customers.

✔ Draft and deliver Stock Market tips/advices to your Customers instantly.

Manage the Life Cycle of Advices Track your previous Advices, filter messages, reply back to active Advices and archive your expired messages.

Customize your website, edit and publish the pages instantly.

Customize your secure payment gateway settings, enable your customers to make online payment for your services.

Track your Customer visits. See who viewed your website and from where.

Manage your advices, mark them Open/Close/Active/ Expired. Keep track of your Advices with FALCON.


 Auto Reply for your Stock Tip triggers. FALCON sends an auto message to the Stock Tip service users once a suggested Stock’s Target Price or Stop Loss Price are hit. Stay hassle free as FALCON takes care of all.

Easy User Management

FALCON Stock Market App is now available on Play Store. Manage your business from anywhere, anytime!


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